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Research for FMCG, CPG, Brands & Manufacturers

Competition in the FMCG sector is fierce, with retailers regularly rationalising their product offerings. Many brands and products are often too similar on a rational basis, and differentiation is often achieved through emotion. Market research is arguably the best way of finding out how best to achieve Advantage and to stand out from the crowd.

We specialise in consumer research across the UK, Europe and beyond. Our experts cover groceries and packaged goods (CPG). Our 20+ years of experience covers Food & drink in and out of the home, health and beauty and technology products.

Our FMCG research services include:

The impact of an optimised brand is the difference between success and failure. Our brand and communications research, includes;

  1. Brand Tracking – To monitor the brand equity and the health of the brand vs competitors)
  2. Brand Development Research – typically using focus groups (from logo, straplines and brand assets)
  3. Messaging and Communications – optimise your messaging
  4. Website and digital media (incl. eye-tracking)

Packaging is the manifestation of what customers buy – optimising it is essential for the success of a new brand to avoid expensive mistakes. Our packaging research services include both qualitative (e.g. focus groups) and quantitative hall/clt or online tests:

  1. Concept development
  2. On-pack messaging and messaging hierarchy (focus groups)
  3. Pack testing and optimisation
  4. Standout tests
  5. Eye-tracking


From workshops and co-creation or testing and development through conjoint analysis or BPTO, we have the tools available to refine and test your innovations.

  1. Ideation and Co-creation
  2. Concept development 
  3. Pricing research
  4. Product testing & UX research

Our FMCG Client Feedback

“Vision One were excellent to work with throughout the process. They understood our brand and its needs and took on feedback to make changes where necessary. We’re very happy with the level of insight gained.”

Salcombe Gin

“Absolutely no dislikes. Vision One is diligent from beginning to end on all projects that have undertaken with us. They take the time to learn about our products and solutions and markets. Vision One are known at Pitney Bowes globally as an extension to our European Marketing Team rather than a vendor/supplier who is providing a service.”

Pitney Bowes Logo

“Working with Vision One was a brand new partnership for us this year, but we were impressed from the very start with their collaboration, support and professionalism in helping us to develop our B2B satisfaction survey.”

NotOnTheHighStreet Logo

“Vision One deliver what we need. They have a friendly but efficient approach to the projects and are flexible and agile enough to respond to our changing needs. From the initial contact through to the presentation and feedback of research projects, Vision One do not disappoint”

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“Vision One were an absolute pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a strategic thinking market research agency. They had great client relations, always keeping you informed on the progress of your research project, they bought creative ideas to the table, and delivered on the strategic insight we needed.”

Domino Jewellery

It was a pleasure to work with everyone at Vision One, they truly felt like an extension of my own team, and they made what could have been an extremely stressful project feel safe and in control – for that I cannot thank them enough.

Fair For You

“Vision One were extremely professional, approachable and knowledgeable. Vision One offered expertise and insights into market research which we did not have in our organisation. This enabled us as a team to effectively deliver the project to the government client.”


“Thanks to Vision One’s support, the client’s prototype was validated and improved. Throughout the engagement, the team communicated regularly with the client and conducted weekly meetings to share their progress. They went above and beyond to understand and realize the client’s objective.”

Civica Logo

“It’s great that we had direct access to a market research expert such as Vision One’s Managing Director throughout the project, something we weren’t convinced we’d get from the large global business.”


“I just want to say thank you so much for the brilliant presentation yesterday. The work you’ve done has really hit home, which will make a massive difference to our work. We’re really grateful!”

Prince's Trust

Unlock the potential of your Brand

Whether you are a disruptor or sitting at the top of the markets, most fast-moving consumer brands are constantly evolving, along with the needs and demands of their consumers. Our job is to guide you through the world of research to ensure you deliver on your goals.
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Innovation Vision One
Understand Consumers

To succeed, brands need to understand both consumers and the shopping journey. From Focus Groups and Usage & Attitude studies to the latest in neuromaketing techniques we have the tools to dig deeper.

Grow your brand and category

Find out where gaps in your market exist, or where your offerings can be pivoted into new avenues to generate a higher chance of new shoppers. Our brand  and product development solutions help optimise your brand.


Innovate in a way that leads to growth

New Product Development is at the heart of every successful company, and with new needs and trends emerging all the time your NPD journey should be in place to ensure you can innovate in the correct way to develop products that will have traction and long-term potential.

Packaging & Pricing

Packaging is often the embodiment of the brand and the best means of encouraging sales. Optimising your packaging is more than just doing survey, it’s about understanding how each and every  element is working. With advnced eye-tracking solutions and an exceptional understanding of how packaging works we have the tools to help.

Our FMCG Research Stories

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Why Vision One?

We have been trusted by over 600 clients for a reason. Working closely with FMCG brands for over 20 years, producing exciting research that evolves businesses for the better.

Don’t just take our word for it, we are three-time winners of the ‘Best Market Research Agency’  and accredited with the internationally acclaimed ISO20252.


Meet our FMCG Experts

Charlotte Baird Head of Qualitative Vision One
Charlotte Baird

Head Of Qualitative

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Alex Brown Head of Operations Vision One
Alex Brown

Director of Insights

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Kendra Furey Client Success Manager Vision One
Kendra Furey

Head of Client Success

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Tony Lewis CEO Vision One
Tony Lewis


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Whether your business is an everyday item or a new innovative challenger to the scene, FMCG, also known as Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) are tangible to consumers multiple times a day. This opportunity is so prevalent in the mind of a consumer, which is why we help you deliver this by providing a deeper understanding of the Consumer Packaged Goods industry.

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