Generate new concepts through this ideation journey to produce successful stories that elevate your brand

It’s impossible to create a product or service without an idea, so why not generate them in a productive setting with creative like-minded people under our expert guidance?

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What does an Ideation Agency do?

The goal of both Ideation and Co-creation research is to generate new ideas. The best ideas need to be focused on how to best satisfy any gaps in the market, new opportunities offered by new technology or addressing unmet customer needs or current/future trends.

The success of any Ideation workshop is in the planning. Workshops can be performed either online or in a physical location and combine staff from both client and ideation agency. Brainstorming and ideation techniques involve a wide range of stimulus and enabling techniques – these pre-planned tasks are designed to generate ideas to help create new trains of thought that address the challenge at hand. Our workshops are fun and enjoyable for all participants and new ideas are free-flowing.

Ideation workshops (otherwise known as brainstorming) often involve co-creation – where specially selected members of the public input into the development to add realism and focused on customer needs.

The workshops tend to be half or full-day in length. It is important to have the time to get beyond the obvious and dig deep which should help develop the most ground-breaking ofo ideas. Overall, the goal is to combine insights and spark innovation with the use of Lateral thinking and a wide array of enabling techniques


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How Does Ideation Work?

Creating successful new products and services is one of the most challenging problems a brand faces; our goal is to enable brands to generate, evaluate and, importantly, implement their New Product Development plans.

The talking points are planned out by one of our qualitative experts. Each task is designed to open the mind of the participants, revealing information such as if they need the product or service to be easier or faster to use, and does it need to be cheaper or more effective in its current form.

Each workshop is custom designed using a number of unique and well-established techniques such as SCAMPER. The success of any Ideation workshop isn’t just down to the stimulus though… it is equally about who the participants selected to take part. We have developed a unique approach to recruiting for idea generation, which we like to keep secret (sorry!). But it is fair to say we believe it is important to include some target audience to ensure ideas are relevant and solutions are focused on addressing both real and emotional needs.

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The Benefits of Ideation

Ideation workshops do not have a set time limit; the group could last several hours or even days. It all depends on the objectives and required outcomes. Ideation is often fun and highly rewarding for everyone involved. It allows those who lead the innovation process to explore their own and other people's thoughts and ideas. Other benefits include:

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The number of ideas you generate isn’t limited; you could come out with one really thought-out idea you wish to pursue; however, you could also walk out with a bank of a dozen other ideas that could be developed in the future.

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Challenge your own mindset! In most consumer markets it is important to recognise there are segments – being mindful of these segments is often more successful than assuming one size fits all.

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By targeting a wider audience, in Co-creation sessions you increase a broader variety of opinions and perspectives. Ultimately this means you are more likely to think outside the box and explore new ideas.

Our Ideation Experts

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Innovate through Ideation

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