Market Research For Startups

Start Up Research is the insight you need to strive ahead with confidence

Starting a business can feel overwhelming. Everything has an element of risk and it can feel a bit like you’re wandering into the unknown. On the one hand, you’re nervously excited to move things forward, but there’s also the fear of getting things wrong. Start-Up Research reduces that element of risk, giving you the insight you need to strive ahead with confidence.

Prioritising your brand proposition and target market, and getting them correct from the outset, can save you time, money, heartache, lost sales and frustration. Ultimately, it can be a make or break for your business.

It’s about identifying the value of your new product or service to potential customers. What might drive them to buy? What need does it satisfy – both practically and emotionally? It’s also about identifying your market – who are your potential customers and where are they? Who are your competitors? Do you have a tangible competitive advantage?

At Vision One, we specialise in market research for startups and businesses developing new products and services. We are a multidisciplinary team of business research experts who can guide you through the early days. And, importantly, continue to deliver game-changing insight as your business evolves and grows. If you want to find out how we can help your new business to grow, including some great free advice, give us a call – we’re a friendly bunch.

Why Start Up Research Matters

We combine the very best in traditional techniques with our own, award-winning, innovative approaches. Experts in both qualitative research (focus groups, depth interviews) and quantitative survey research services (online research, telephone surveys etc) for business startups, we can tackle things from multiple angles to provide you with a whole new level of strategic insight.

We delve deep to fully explore perceptions and reactions to your product proposition. We use the perfect combination of research tools to identify the right locations. To find your optimum price point and develop the right business and communication strategies. We give you strategic insight, confidence and a clear direction.

But that’s not all. Once you’ve developed your proposition, we can also help you to develop your product or service. These include creative, dynamic ideation sessions that generate and explore the best product or service ideas for your business.

Our Clients

Identifying the Potential

Not sure whether your idea is a goer? Want to identify the pitfalls and areas for development before you launch? We can help you to establish how your target customers will react to your new product or service and identify weaker areas, missed opportunities and your most salient ideas.

We understand that your budget might be tight and acknowledge that online research can be a cost-effective way to gain valuable insight from potential customers. However, if your product is very localised (to a particular town or city) then face-to-face or telephone interviews can be a far better option. Equally, qualitative focus groups or depth interviews are the perfect way to explore and demystify opinions, emotions and preferences – offering a deeper level of understanding.

Great market research is about exploring uncharted territory, digging deeper and revealing the things you hadn’t even considered. It connects you with your target customer and helps you to truly understand their needs, their emotional drivers and their instinctive reactions to ideas and concepts. Yes, it can reassure you that you’ve got something right, but more importantly, it highlights the clangers, the areas for improvement, the poorly conveyed brand message and the elephant in the room.

Writing a Business Plan

Every business plan should include market analysis – it’s probably the most critical element. But it’s not a static process – your customers, and their needs, evolve. That is to say, you want your brand to be proactive and responsive to change right? We always recommend that you review your market analysis at least once each year.


If you are curious to know more about how we could work together, or how our insights can grow your business, then please give call us on 0203 693 3150 or use the contact button below.


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