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We offer a full range of concept screening and concept testing techniques and have extensive experience in both consumer and B2B markets. For example, this includes food and drink, FMCG, technology, travel and financial services.

Vision One’s Concept Testing research IdeaProbe incorporates new System 1 thinking by focusing on emotional decision-making within short time frames. In addition, our testing includes the following two options:

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Product & Concept Testing Services

Central Location Tests Research Vision One
Central Location Tests

Central Location Tests (CLT) for controlled testing.

Hall Testing

In-home placement (Home Use Tests) Research Vision One
In Home Testing

In-home placement and user testing for full evaluation

Home Use Tests

Screed Based Vision One

Ideation, Qualitative Focus Groups to refine your ideas


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Benefits of Concept Testing

  1. Is your Concept Understood?
    Understanding what people value about your concept and the features and benefits that appeal. It will ensure you know if your concept is understood and what needs to be amended. It can also explain why some concepts fail and therefore ensure you don’t discard an idea too early.
  2. It can save millions
    Identifying weak product ideas is a real benefit of concept testing – it helps you avoid wasting a great deal of time and money on an idea, building a new factory or simply the harm it might do to your brand.
  3. A rigorous and independent assessment
    Concept tests provide a range of important indicators for your concept – from appeal and interest, perceived features and benefits to price perceptions and even sales potential. The more boxes your concept ticks, the better the chance of success.
  4. Identify the Target Market
    Identifying who likes the concept the most and who is likely to be an early adopter is one of the most important benefits of Concept Testing. Why? Simply because it helps ensure marketing is correctly focused and also helps with accurately identifying the size of the market.
  5. Improve your Idea
    Perhaps a less obvious benefit of concept testing is that it can actually help to develop the idea further to ensure it is better suited to the target market. Running a quick concept test will not only tell you if the idea has potential but where it might need improvement.

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Our Concept Testing Experts

Charlotte Baird Head of Qualitative Vision One
Charlotte Baird

Head Of Qualitative

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Alex Brown Head of Operations Vision One
Alex Brown

Director of Insights

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Evie Bradbury Client Success Manager Vision One
Evie Bradbury

Client Success Manager

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How We Help You Achieve Success

Over the years, we have developed a database of ‘norms’ against which concept tests can be evaluated, which allows us to understand how best to interpret the results. However, unlike some off-the-shelf concept testing companies, we ensure the evaluation compares like with like to achieve the most accurate results.

Our modular Concept Tests can include pricing evaluations to help understand the optimal price points for the new concept. Often this process involves established pricing models such as BPTO (Brand Price Trade-Off) or the Price Sensitivity Meter by Van Westerdorp. Or by playing purchasing ‘games’ with respondents – providing broad brush volumetric estimates.

With Central Location Testing (CLT) facilities across the UK, we are well-placed also to include product testing. IdeaProbe is designed to inform the development of new products by understanding customer reactions to help optimise products and services. Our expertise and advanced market research techniques allow us to measure the potential demand for new products with confidence.

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