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The Power Of Hall Tests

A Hall Test, or Central Location Test (CLT), is a useful market research methodology adopted by Vision One when we are looking to test reactions to concepts and products in a controlled and neutral environment.

They typically involve hiring a venue such as a hotel, hall, office, or pub in a central and easily accessible location which is specially selected for the research requirements or convenient for target participants.

One of the key benefits of the Hall Test market research methodology is presenting respondents with stimuli – food and drink products or advertising examples, for instance. Hall Tests are often used for new product testing such as tasting new food and drink varieties, testing new packaging designs or giving feedback on concepts like branding examples, new product ideas, marketing communications or other product literature. Respondents can then respond to these stimuli live, with the item in front of them, allowing much more opportunity to engage with the product alongside the researcher and brand to understand insights.

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Client Feedback

“Vision One were excellent to work with throughout the process. They understood our brand and its needs and took on feedback to make changes where necessary. We’re very happy with the level of insight gained.”

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“Absolutely no dislikes. Vision One is diligent from beginning to end on all projects that have undertaken with us. They take the time to learn about our products and solutions and markets. Vision One are known at Pitney Bowes globally as an extension to our European Marketing Team rather than a vendor/supplier who is providing a service.”

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“Working with Vision One was a brand new partnership for us this year, but we were impressed from the very start with their collaboration, support and professionalism in helping us to develop our B2B satisfaction survey.”

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“Vision One deliver what we need. They have a friendly but efficient approach to the projects and are flexible and agile enough to respond to our changing needs. From the initial contact through to the presentation and feedback of research projects, Vision One do not disappoint”

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“Vision One were an absolute pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a strategic thinking market research agency. They had great client relations, always keeping you informed on the progress of your research project, they bought creative ideas to the table, and delivered on the strategic insight we needed.”

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It was a pleasure to work with everyone at Vision One, they truly felt like an extension of my own team, and they made what could have been an extremely stressful project feel safe and in control – for that I cannot thank them enough.

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“Vision One were extremely professional, approachable and knowledgeable. Vision One offered expertise and insights into market research which we did not have in our organisation. This enabled us as a team to effectively deliver the project to the government client.”


“Thanks to Vision One’s support, the client’s prototype was validated and improved. Throughout the engagement, the team communicated regularly with the client and conducted weekly meetings to share their progress. They went above and beyond to understand and realize the client’s objective.”

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“It’s great that we had direct access to a market research expert such as Vision One’s Managing Director throughout the project, something we weren’t convinced we’d get from the large global business.”


“I just want to say thank you so much for the brilliant presentation yesterday. The work you’ve done has really hit home, which will make a massive difference to our work. We’re really grateful!”

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Advertising Testing (CLT)

Central Location Tests are also ideal for testing radio, television or even social media advertisements using Vision One’s AdProbe.

CLTs ensure respondents can clearly see and focus on the execution, allowing them to give a fully informed reaction without the distractions of the home. During the interview, the respondent would be shown the test video (often shown in an advertising reel) and asked questions in order to understand their reactions to it.

Eye-tracking and Facial Expression analysis can be included in adding further System 1 emotional (non-verbal) reactions to the advertising.


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Hall Tests Explained

Hall Test respondents are typically recruited on the day of the hall test, often on the street whilst passing the venue.

However, they can also be recruited in advance if the target audience is challenging. On-street recruitment is often the most cost-effective option for mainstream products. It can generate a large number of respondents per day depending upon location, target audience and the length and complexity of the subject area.

Vision One has extensive experience in completing hall and central location tests for a wide range of clients. Test venues are booked within town and city centre locations – recruiters invite passers-by via a short screening interview to participate in a hall test (assuming they meet the target profile).

Nowadays, interviews are most frequently conducted using CAPI (Computer Aided Personal Interviewing) rather than pen and paper questionnaires to ensure fast turnaround and greater accuracy. Interviews typically last 10 minutes or longer, depending on the subject matter and the number of respondent tasks.

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Advantages of Hall Tests

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Ability to replicate in-store shelves for imitation of purchases

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Access to demonstrations of materials and products/services

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Flexibility on interview timing dependent on the need

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Ability to invite respondents across multiple days to test variants

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Adaptability if new areas of interest can be uncovered

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Observation of respondents’ behaviours and user journeys


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