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We offer UK and International Face to face research.
Both in-house and with our international partners we provide the highest quality face-to-face research surveys anywhere.
Ideal for in-home and on-street interviewing.


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Face-to-Face Fieldwork Services

In the UK, our face-to-face research is led by our network of experienced supervisors, and over 200 specially selected interviewers are fully trained to meet the exacting international standards of ISO 20252:2012. The same standards that we set across our entire business.

We have completed many large-scale and understand how important it is to accurately capture respondents’ feedback, delve deeper for richness and prompt when required.

Our face-to-face interviewing includes in-store and exit interviewing, on-street, in-home, in-pub/bar and events. We use flexible interviewing teams across the country. Enabling us to conduct face-to-face interviews from 7 am to midnight – 7 days a week. To us, it’s about having just the right toolbox so that we can perfectly tailor our research approach to your needs, timeline and brief.

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Our face-to-face fieldwork services

Focus Group Research Vision One
Hall Tests

These capture  quantitative insights and are ideal if you’re looking to test reactions to products and concepts in a controlled environment. Many locations have cooking facilities which make them ideal for testing food, drink & other household goods.

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Exit Interviews

Widely used across retail, leisure and public services, exit interviews are the perfect way to capture data on usage/behaviour, perceptions and satisfaction – whilst fresh in your consumer’s mind. They are well suite to live events and experiences.

In-home placement (Home Use Tests) Research Vision One
In-home Research

Although relatively more expensive and time-consuming, in-home interviews  allow us to engage and capture people’s views in their own home environments. This can be  important where  sampling needs to be highly targeted.

Advances in Fieldwork

Technology has allowed face-to-face interviewing to truly evolve. By using mobile devices such as laptops, iPads and XDAs, the data we receive from face-to-face surveys is continuously uploaded and quality-checked. Saving time and cost on printing, postage and data entry.

We recommend using face-to-face interviewing when you want to target specific locations. But it is also a brilliant way for our specialist interviewers to pick up on non-verbal cues and gives them the opportunity to encourage more detailed responses.

But there’s another area where face-to-face market research really comes into its own – the exploration of emotions. With more sensitive subjects, our researchers can pick up on each respondent’s body language and facial expressions. Adding richness and further depth of insight.

The flexibility of face-to-face interviewing also allows our interviewers to react to things as they develop in the interview. Delving deeper to explore reactions, answers and emotions with each respondent as they happen. For our clients, this level of insight can often provide the catalyst for new product ideas, or areas for improvement.

Electronic Interviewing Devices

Our F2F Survey Research Expertise

Our fieldwork team can cover the whole of the UK and engage your target audience with visual prompts, samples of products, or evaluation of packaging or advertisements.

To us, it’s about using our expertise to maximise insight so that you can innovate, evolve and grow.

We embrace the benefits of technology: Blending our communication and interviewing skills with technology gives you the best of both – meaningful interview results, added directly onto the iPad or appliance of your choice, ready for same-day data analysis.

Why Vision One

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Quality as standard

With 20 years of experience with some of the world’s biggest brands, and winners of Best Market Research Agency 2021 (The Drum Awards), you’re in safe hands. We take quality seriously and are proud to hold the prestigious, internationally recognised ISO 20252:2012 quality accreditation. Alongside our MRS IQCS standard interviewers who operate to MRS Guidelines and Code Of Conduct.



We adapt our approach to suit your timings, budgets and needs. From the locations we choose and the project’s timeline to our choice of street interviews, hall test or on-site interviews.

Accurate Sampling

Sampling is everything. We ensure that the correct demographics and sample are targeted to ensure you get wide coverage of information from the people whose opinions matter the most. Our approach is careful, thorough and considered. We evaluate and observe the characteristics of shoppers, or passers-by, to understand whether they would be suitable for the interview. Rather than asking everyone only to find out halfway through the interview that they don’t fit the criteria.


Blending our communication and interviewing skills with technology gives you the best of both – meaningful interview results, added directly onto the iPad or appliance of your choice, ready for same-day data analysis.

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COVID Safety

Our highly trained team of fieldwork recruiters have adapted their techniques to make Face-To-Face an option, once again. To ensure the safety of the staff and the public, we have put sensible measures in place.

  • A COVID-19 safe health screening questionnaire has been developed for both interviewers and participants
  • All staff are trained in COVID-19 safe interviewing, including the use of appropriate of PPE
  • A Fieldwork team are not currently entering participants’ homes
  • Social distancing at all times
  • Also, hand sanitiser and gloves are provided when handling any materials

Our Expert Team

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Senior Account Executive

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