The Innocent

The Honest, The Optimistic, The Pure

The Innocent Archetype Vision One

The Innocent brand archetype has a desire to just be free and happy and keep life simple. They fear doing things wrong and being punished for it. They are often successful at ignoring and moving through barriers that would sometimes stop others, as they have the core talents of being optimistic and hopeful.

The Innocent world is one of complete optimism some would say, where everything is straightforward and there are no hidden agendas or double meanings. It is a place where life can be simple. Innocent brands represent good, clean fun. This archetype can be a great brand personality for brands associated with health, cleanliness and natural products.

The Innocent archetype tends to see the good in every situation, keeping faith and hope in their ideals and aiming to motivate others to also believe that everything will work out the way it should eventually.

The Innocent– Key Characteristics and Values

Goal: To be happy

Strategy: To do things right

Greatest Fear: To come across unhappy

Personalities: Traditionalist, Optimist, Cheerleader

Key Attributes: Wholesome, Pure, Forgiving, Trusting, Honest, Happy, Optimistic, Simple.

The Innocent Brand Archetype Explained:

The customer of an Innocent brand archetype prefers straight-talking, gimmick-free advertising, and they are naturally drawn to optimistic brands. Advertising that is very heavy or guilt-inducing is likely to drive them away.

Innocent brands foster purity, simplicity, and trustworthiness. Across all their communication mediums, their brand’s tone is simple yet cheerful, radiating optimism. They will use concise language and simple and natural imagery to carry out their messages.

Innocent brands will promise Simplicity.

They will offer a somewhat simple solution to any problem associated with goodness, morality, simplicity, nostalgia, and childhood. Innocent brands will strive to do what is right and positive. Most of the time, their simplistic view of the world can be perceived as a weakness. They fear to do something immoral and to see the world being influenced by something negative or unnatural.

BABYBEL – ‘Mini’

Babybel advertises itself through this commercial with the innocence of the talking food and the cheese introducing itself. This immediately lets us know it will be targeted at children and education. The whole advert is very positive and based on a family kitchen environment, letting the audience know the brand means well. It’s also very simple, and there isn’t too much going on to pressure you into buying it.



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