Understanding where your brand sits in the mind of the customer is essential for brand owners looking to develop/improve their brand strategy. Vision One’s BrandVision provides the most meaningful brand health and brand equity measurement tool (ever!).

BrandVision is a measurement tool that allows brands to fully understand how customers see brands within a market or category. Based on latest thinking of brands and brand equity, BrandVision establishes 8 essential KPI’s that all brand owners need to develop their brand strategy.

The key benefits of BrandVision are:

Easily identifies the right strategy to grow your brand and increase profitability

Designed for both B2B and consumer brands

International – readily transfers across countries and cultures

Provides the eight most important metrics for measuring brand health and growth

Incorporates some of the best / proven brand models (e.g. Brand Pyramid/Funnel)

Provides a single metric for tracking and comparison purposes

Normative database allows you to compare your brand with others

At the heart of BrandVision is our Brand Equity Wheel – The example below is for Cancer Resaerch the UK’s strongest brand within Charities.

Cancer Research Brand Equity Score Vision One

If you are wondering about what makes BrandVision unique and better than any other brand health measurement tool then please book an appointment with one of our brand experts to explain and highlight how it can work for you. We also have a range of case studies for UK airlines, mobile phone operators and breakfast cereals. We shall shortly publish further case studies for UK charities and Supermarkets – so if you are interested in these, please let us know.