McDonalds Vision One Case Study

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Evaluating Sustainability Communications across their new campaign.

As part of a sustainability initiative, Mcdonald’s were looking for consumer research amongst customers and restaurant staff into the language and understanding of the terminology in relation to climate change and sustainability.

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The Challenge

Founded in 1940, McDonald’s is a global fast-food brand and the world’s largest restaurant chain by revenue. As part of a larger sustainability initiative, this research project was commissioned to provide insights into the language and terminology used in relation to climate change and sustainability. The project also wanted to ascertain how this language would be perceived by a wide range of stakeholders from environmental experts to the broader British public.

Research Approach

The Vision One team of specialists conducted a comprehensive mixed-method research programme consisting of both qualitative and quantitative research, including focus groups, individual depth interviews and a UK-wide online survey. The research was conducted amongst a range of interest groups, including academics, linguists, as well as the wider public.

Research Findings

The research investigated many terms from Greenwashing to Sustainability. The research supported previous research we had undertaken and confirmed that the language around environment and sustainability is increasingly littered with jargon which causes confusion and ultimately a barrier to action for many.


The general public would benefit from a glossary of terms and concepts presented in plain language with imagery to paint the cause-and-effect picture and tangible examples that people can relate to, make sense of and explain the term.