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Exploring the reactions and feelings of consumers towards the advert.

We have worked with some of the biggest and best brands out there, discovering new insights, innovating brands and products and inspiring change through the journey of research.

With our work with TopCashBack, our expert team of Brand Tracking worked closely to understand the concepts and messaging of their latest Advertising campaign.

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The Challenge

TopCashback is a British cashback site that offers members generous cashback rewards on online purchases when directed to retailers and service provider sites through their website. Their aim is to understand how their brand is performing and how effective their advertising campaigns are with viewers.

Research Approach

To achieve this, Vision One was commissioned to conduct an ongoing monthly brand and advertising tracker amongst 500 target market customers with the first wave setting the benchmarks for the following waves. An initial advertising evaluation was completed using our AdProbe tool to conduct pre-testing of Top Cashback’s new advertising campaign.

Vision One’s BrandVision was used to establish brand value benchmarks for TopCashback incorporating the Brand Funnel and NPS metrics in order to optimise the brand’s position and the role of emotion.

Research Findings

In the initial advertising evaluation, our research showed that  TopCashback’s execution has an improved AdProbe index score when compared to the previous advertisement – due to a new focus on delivery and service explanation during the advertisement. The execution also scored well across a number of AdProbe’s key metrics, including Recall, Emotion and Impact into Action.

The research was well received and confirmed internal hypotheses about how the advert would be perceived by consumers. The research provided TopCashback with a number of valuable insights and suggested areas of improvement prior to the advert’s full launch.

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