Thank you to everyone who has kindly entered our Copywriting Competition. We were overwhelmed with all the entries we received and delighted with the quality of our responses. We have written to the winners and all those who have been shortlisted, but unfortunately, we can’t reply to everyone, so please accept our heartfelt thanks.

After long and sometimes tricky deliberations, we have arrived at our top 3 copywriters and a few memorable mentions. We thought you might like to see these, which we have published with their permissions below. We are delighted to announce that first place goes to Alison Wilkinson, who edged it over entries from an anonymous entry (we refer to as ‘Research Poet’) and in third place was Kevin Baldwin. Congratulations to all our winners.


1st Place Alison Wilkinson

Congratulations Alison! Alison talks about that ‘eureka moment’, which we had when we read this entry. We couldn’t find a flaw with the entry; what more can we say about that?

Alison is the lucky winner and will receive £100 or Apple Airpods – whichever she prefers. She will also have the opportunity of writing for us in the future.

“You know that feeling when the fog clears? That eureka moment when everything suddenly makes sense, and you know exactly how to move forwards?

It’s a total game-changer.

So, imagine discovering why your customers behave the way they do – the rationale behind their decisions, instincts and aspirations. Imagine understanding their tastes and values and or finally understanding why they chose your competitor over you (sigh) – or why they didn’t.

Just think how that could impact your product development and sales.

Because for your business to evolve, succeed and grow, it’s all about your customers and clients. How to keep existing ones. And how to win new ones.

So, speak to them.

What do they think? How do they feel? Why do they really do what they do? Explore and pinpoint the intricate nature of their behaviour.

And sometimes you need a refreshingly different team that knows exactly how to dig deep, ask the right questions and explore new ground. To really understand what makes your customers and clients tick.

Insight. And I don’t just mean the superficial kind. Insight that has depth, is meaningful and gives your business vision. Know what I mean? Eureka moments.

That’s Vision One. “


2nd Place Research Poet

At the request of the author, who would wish to remain anonymous, we have attributed this entry to a ‘Research Poet’

We liked this poem and thought it shouldn’t go unnoticed. We liked their outside-of-the-box thinking. Not only did they write a great poem, we felt it tells a great story about Vision One – thanks again for this entry!

The Fly on the wall of the focus group
Says most research is an endless loop
Of obvious prompts and tired cues
Where usually I take a snooze.
Unless it’s done
With Vision One
Who always keep me wide awake
With breakthroughs and ideas they make.
For B2B or consumer clients
Their teams work in close alliance
Not for predictable points of view
But to get to the heart, the nugget, the true
That make USPs and products better
For a charity or start-up go getter.
Offices in London, Liverpool and Brum
Best in class in leagues published in The Drum.
Summing up the findings, I’ll objectively distill
The score is Vision One Competition Nil. “

Bronze Medal Copywriter Competition

3rd Place Kevin Baldwin

Kevin wrote about Vision One in a way we would be proud of ourselves! Talking about us in a style emphasising why you should work with us over other agencies (and he’s spot on!)

“We know what you’re thinking. What makes Vision One any better than the research agency you’re currently working with?
We know you’re thinking that because we have great insight.
It’s why we’ve just picked up the Best Market Research Agency award for the second time in four years. And why we’re the only agency to have been nominated finalists four years running.
Ah, you may say, awards are all well and good, but what success has Vision One had out in the real world?
You ask a good question. And as market research specialists, we like that.
Over the last twenty years, Vision One has helped over five hundred companies – both in the UK and internationally – to win and retain customers.
We discover what makes customers tick – using intelligence, passion and sometimes ground-breaking techniques. (We won the FSB Business Innovation Award for a packaging evaluation tool we invented.)
Of course, when all the right questions have been asked, it’s crucial to draw the right conclusions and make astute recommendations on the best strategy going ahead.
So we’ll conclude by recommending that the best strategy for your business is to go ahead and give Vision One a call. “

Honourable Mentions

There were a few applicants that we felt deserved to see the spotlight of the world, and would like to share them with everyone to show off their talents as a copywriter!

Joe Svetilk

Joe chose a direction no one else decided to go with our website. He used his skills to show off the “incoherent” but “undoubtedly very capable” skills of Vision One, showcasing his ability to pick out small errors in wording. Click here to read the entry.

“Incoherent. Take your ‘About Us’ page. At the top you’ve got an unattributed quote, which doesn’t need to be a quote in the first place. Why not just show your awards right away? You’ve got plenty to be proud of, why hide them at the bottom of the page?
But that’s just for starters.
“Over 500+ clients can’t be wrong!” – that’s a tautology. It should be “500+ clients”, or “over 500 clients”. Pick one.
“With a passion for discovery, our strategic insights help companies make the right decisions…” – this is a dangling modifier. It reads like your strategic insights are the ones with a passion for discovery. Which is impossible, last time I checked. I’m guessing you mean something like “We are driven by a passion for discovery, offering strategic insights that help companies make the right decisions…” But then I shouldn’t have to guess what you mean.
You refer to your company as both a singular (“Vision One is”) and a plural (“Vision One are”) on the same page.
I could go on, but I’m nearing the 200-word limit. So yeah, incoherent. Undoubtedly very capable, but incoherent. “

Space Station Apes

We liked how the company pointed out our key USP points and backed up the knowledge we have by our stellar rapport with our clients, from our satisfaction score to the awards we’ve won down to their opinions of us. View the entry here.

“Look. It’s simple. What is the biggest marketing website in Europe?
The Drum.
And who won The Drum’s Best Market Research Agency 2020?
That’s right, Vision One.
Not 2019. Not 2010. But, 2020. So what does that tell you?
It tells you that they’re at the top of their game.
It tells you that, according to independent client feedback from a pool of 9,000 agencies, Vision One is the most trusted for market insight.
The agency that’s towing the line with their world class toolbox and research methods.
Sure, they’ve served over 500 clients and cover 320+ countries. And yeah, they’ve conducted over 80,000 interviews and have 99% positive feedback.
But what really matters is this: it’s companies like yours – companies that want to do better business – that voted for them.
And that, well, that speaks for itself. “ (Space Station Apes)

If you have a skill and would like to work with us, then please get in touch with us or view our research jobs

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