We’re proud to be taking the rights steps into the solution of climate change by joining the MRS manifesto for sustainability. We recognise the growing climate emergency going on and want to join the movement to change the future for the better.

We understand that our sector has two areas of responsibility. Firstly we need to mitigate any impact we have on the environment in our work, but where we can have a greater impact is how we help our clients and suppliers. We can use our insights to help customers understand the impact they are having environmentally and recommend the best solutions to ensure they are able to contribute to the movement for the better.

What is the MRS Pledge?

The pledge has been set up by the MRS Sustainability Council which was created in 2020 to review the key sustainability issues that face the sector. The increasing number of clients demanding a commitment from suppliers on inclusion and sustainability issues which have been forced upon us. These steps are designed for research agencies like us to demonstrate commitment to change, which in turn should drive other companies and industries to do the same.

Some of the biggest researchers and suppliers have signed the MRS Net Zero Pledge, showing the validity and the importance of pledges such as this to generate a better future. If you would like to find out why both us and the other organisations have joined the pledge, you can read up here.

Net Zero Pledge At Vision One

We have appointed Mollie Hannigan as our new Sustainability and Net Zero Champion. Mollie’s role will include ensuring that Vision One is making positive changes towards sustainability and obtaining our net-zero pledge. Mollie will keep you updated with regular posts about the changes that Vision One are making and the plans that we have.

Are you willing to change? If you would like to sign the NetZero Pledge on behalf of your organisation please email mrs.ceo@mrs.org.uk. You can hear a quick webinar from MRS from Jane Frost and Stephen Phillips, the people behind the environmental push.


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