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How To Grow Your Brand

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The Secrets of Brand Growth

Brand Growth is the goal for almost every commercial organisation. The health of any brand can come down to whether it's growing or declining. The ability to achieve growth should be at the heart of all businesses.

In this study about the drivers of brand growth, we reveal some of the strategies and plans of the UK's most successful brands and compare them with brands that are failing to achieve growth or even decline. This comparison between more and less successful businesses allows us to get a clear insight into what is really achieving growth.

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A Brief Introduction to the Brand Growth Study

A large national quantitative survey amongst business leaders across the UK was conducted in the Autumn of 2021. The sample was senior business owners and marketers from a wide variety of business sectors. This was to ensure they had a good understanding of what their business was doing and what it was trying to achieve.

Consisting of 1,026 cSuite business owners and senior marketers. the study covered a wide range of industry sectors, including; retail, automotive, social media, leisure, finance and technology. The questionnaire explored a wide range of topics and themes to help understand the potential causes of growth and decline amongst businesses of all shapes and sizes.

By looking at the high growth companies (I.e. consistently achieved over +20% sales growth each year for the past 3 years), our study concluded that growth can be explained by four key drivers of brand growth known as the 4Ds. Whilst the research measured over one hundred metrics, in the report we have simply highlighted the ideas and strategies that have the most impact on growth. 

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