Understanding the competition is critical when it comes to B2B.

An important aspect of B2B research is that it provides benchmarking and insights into competitor activity, their strengths, weaknesses and their strategies. Qualitative and quantitative research are the most reliable ways of understanding people and businesses. They can help in devising plans to differentiate your brand from the competition, helping you stay ahead and improve your momentum.

Research-based data can also assist you in making more informed business decisions. Whether your business is entering new markets locally or internationally, launching an innovative product or service or perhaps altering pricing strategies, gaining data-driven insights minimises risks and increases the chances of success. It’s well-known that the most successful companies worldwide, invest heavily in in-depth research to understand their customers.

Whether you’re a service provider, manufacturer or retailer, research helps identify potential risks or challenges before they arise. This allows businesses to effectively prepare for contingencies or adjust strategies to mitigate those risks.


Here are just seven reasons to choose Vision One Research for your project in 2024: