Our second Masterclass comes from futurist Tom Cheeswright – looking at the role of futurology for business. In addition to the video below, we’ve decided to give away some signed copies of his latest book called High Frequency Change.


Who is Tom Cheesewright?

Tom Cheesewright is Vision One’s lead on market trends, technology and futurology. Tom is a proven futurologist and the creator of the Applied Futurist’s Toolkit a suite of strategy tools for agile organisations.

You can find out more about Tom and the Vision One team on our website.

The Masterclass

If you’re new to Vision One, then you should know that every month we’re inviting leading marketing and insight experts from around the world to share their thoughts and ideas in an hour-long webinar or talk. Below you can catch a glimpse inside of our Futurology For Business masterclass, where Tom talks about the age of uncertainty.

These unique masterclasses are available in full to our Visionary Club members – for further information please contact Adam Lunt.

The next masterclass will be hosted by Richard Shotton – the author of The Choice Factory who focuses on applying findings from psychology and behavioural science to marketing.


About The Book

High Frequency Change talks about how change happens quicker now than ever before and that this change is being driven largely by technological change. Feeding into the belief that we’re on track towards a technological singularity, where machines become advanced beyond any control. Historians, however, veto this idea of accelerating change, pointing back in time to points of dramatic change, from the industrial revolution, the shift from horse to the car and the advancement of domestic automation.

Inside this book, Tom aims to settle this argument; suggesting that change is too complex to be boxed into a simple fast or slow definition, believing a more heuristic way of describing would be a change in the form of waves amplitude and frequency. Tom states the currently connected computing revolution is another low-frequency wave with a high amplitude (impact) and a long wavelength (duration), just like previous technological revolutions. But it has enabled high-frequency changes, which have a lower overall impact but rise and fall incredibly quickly.

Both people and organisations aren’t prepared for high-frequency change. We don’t have the tools to deal with it, so it’s incredibly disruptive to our ability to plan and operate. Meaning we need a new way we look and thinking about business, and our own careers, if sustainability is to be built inside success in the age of high-frequency change. This is what this book offers you.

Enter our free prize draw

This book is a must-read for business leaders and especially those involved in innovation and product development. We are delighted to be giving away some signed copies of High Frequency Change.

Win a signed copy

The prize draw is open to everyone and the closing date for entries will be 31st August 2020. Winners will be announced on Vision One’s social media and notified by email. Terms and conditions for the competition can be found here. Should you be unfortunate not to win then you can still get your hands on a copy here or any other leading book stores.

To be in with a chance to win one of five signed copies of the book of ‘High Frequency Change’, simply complete the form opposite and we’ll be in touch shortly after the draw if you are a lucky winner after the 1st September.

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