According to the Recommended Agency Register 2018 – Vision One is the UK’s leading market research agency specialist.

RAR+ collects information feedback from brands and client companies to evaluate the UK’s top marketing and market research agencies. Some of the clients that are subscribed to RAR+ are M&S, Adidas, AA, Canon, and many more big names. It’s safe to say that the Recommended Agency Register is a well-established agency register.

If you are not already aware, Vision One won the prestigious ‘Best Market Research Agency Award’ last year. Once again, this year is no different, as the latest report shows we continue to retain exceptionally high satisfaction levels.

How it Works: RAR+ independently collects and compiles customer satisfaction for all its members. Agencies that hold 3 or more endorsements for their service will become a recommended agency.  Research agencies are rated on seven key attributes, including: Client Service, Effectiveness, Strategic Thinking, Value For Money, On Time and Budget.

We are always fully committed to our clients and strive to achieve the highest levels of quality and service. Below are our results from April 2018. To compare these results to our report from last year, click here.

Our results to the RAR+ report:

Alex Brown says, “Once again, we are delighted with the feedback from our clients in the latest RAR+ report and to be nominated finalists for the second year running. We are particularly pleased to see that the work our team puts into every project doesn’t go unnoticed”.

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