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AdProbe is based on the ground-breaking report by Les Binet and Peter Field into advertising effectiveness in their report ‘Marketing in the Era of Accountability‘. Our framework and approach to Ad Testing (aka Pre-Testing) research has been designed to help optimise advertising effectiveness and maximise ROI. (Return on investment).

Ad Testing Research Company - Vision One Research (London UK)

About AdProbe

Advertising is fun and arguably the most exciting and rewarding aspects of marketing. Despite all the talent, every once in a while, what might seem like the genius in the conference room, can in reality to be a bummer. There is often a massive gulf between the initial creative pitch and the actual final execution - sometimes for the better, but unfortunately sometimes for the worse.

With a mix of both established and new advertising metrics, AdProbe incorporates many new and innovative ideas that can be applied at the creative development phase right through to live testing.

Our ad testing and pre-testing research solutions include; focus groups or depth interviews for creative development stage, eye-tracking and quantitatively online or face to face surveys. Our advertising tracking also evaluate the advertising campaign on an ad-hoc or on-going basis.

AdProbe is flexible and can be used for all media types, including; TV, radio and press, digital and online.

Why Ad Testing?

  • Firstly, it Ensures your advertising is optimised prior to launch
  • Secondly, it helps maximise ROI and avoid expensive mistakes
  • Highlights how the advertising is working and which segments are also most receptive to it
  • It also Identifies issues and highlights areas where the advertising executions can be improved
  • Finally, it can also be used to evaluate your own and competitor advertising

UK's Best Market Research Agency 2020

Clients Worked With

We work with many UK and international brands. Here are a few examples:

Essilor Vision One

Eye On The Ball

Tracking to improve Customer Satisfaction Survey amongst opticians

Bristol Street Motors Vision One

Wheelin’ & Dealin’

Testing current adverts execution against its new execution

McBride Vision One

High Oven Pride

Brand health tracking for Oven Pride

Our Approach

Our Directors also have first-hand experience of working in advertising and planning, so we know how to avoid making expensive mistakes and improve overall ad effectiveness.

We also fully appreciate it's not our responsibility to recommend creative changes. We won’t, however, shy away from delivering honest and informed insights. Similarly, we'll always be constructive and resist the temptation to play Creative Director!

Advertising KPIs

AdProbe has been developed over a decade and continually evolves in order to address new media but certain elements remain the same. Some of the best advertising and ad testing research metrics include:

  • Emotional Intensity - This is the ability for the advertising to develop an emotional response. For example, Vision One's 7 triggers of emotion, are Power, Passion, Alarm, Creativity, Prestige, Reassurance, Intrigue.
  • Stickiness - Sticky advertising is memorable on both creative and branding levels. Stickiness is inextricably linked with involvement, relevance and creativity and is another essential ingredient in maximising performance.
  • Impact and Action - The power of most advertising is also in its ability to change and improve customer disposition towards the brand. For example, to move customers down the brand funnel towards brand loyalists.

If you are interested in finding out more about AdProbe or our Ad Testing research services, then please call us on 0203 693 3150 or contact us below.