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About the Market Research Society (MRS)

The UK Market Research Society (MRS) is one of the world’s leading research associations. The MRS has its headquarters in London and is dedicated to the support, promotion and enrichment of the research and business world.

Overall, the MRS has members across more than 60 countries, making it one of the world’s largest research associations, serving research and marketing professionals involved in the provision and use of market, social and opinion research, along with business intelligence, analysis and insight consultancy.

The role of the Market Research Society means they are dedicated to helping its Company Partners innovate, create sharp intelligence, insightful advice and rigorous data by providing training, developing industry standards  & communicating good practice, and also promoting the value and use of research to businesses around the world.

Vision One is an accredited member of the MRS and MRS Company Partners and is also accredited with the MRS/AQR Recruiter Accreditation scheme. The MRS can be contacted at 15 Northburgh Street, London, EC1V 0JR (Tel. 0207 490 4911).


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Shopping Journey

A measurement of a consumer’s movement through a particular space using GPS technology. 

System 1 Thinking

System 1, developed by Kahneman (2011), refers to the brain’s processing of information quickly, instinctually and emotionally, and this is usually done unconsciously. The opposite to System 1 is System 2 which is responsible for slow, conscious, logical and deliberative thinking. ​​​​