The Explorer

The Explorer, Trailblazer, Pioneer or Adventurer

Land Rover
National Geographic
The Explorer Archetype Vision One

The Explorer brand archetype craves adventure and wants to just discover the world for themselves. They are independent, ambitious and spiritual but on the negative, they can be restless, aimless and a bit flaky.

The Explorer stays current with trends and encourages individual initiative to help people grow. Adventure is a means of enlightenment, and explorers are focused on self-discovery and self-sufficiency. They create products that promote individuality, excitement, and a way to experience new things.

Customers of the Explorer embrace brands that promote freedom and discovery, especially those that let the customer embark on a journey with them. Explorer ads won’t be domestic-focused, they usually are about nature and taking a risk.

The Explorer – Key Characteristics and Values

Goal: To experience a more authentic and fulfilling life

Strategy: To journey, seek and experience new things

Greatest Fear: To be trapped and conform

Personalities: Individualist, seeker, Trailblazer

Key Attributes: Adventurous, Wanderer, Restless, Independent, Self-Directed, Self-sufficient and Values freedom

The Explorer Archetype Explained:

The Explorer aims to make people feel free and nonconformist and also helps people express their individuality. Explorer brands are innovative and ambitious. They seek out the new, pushing boundaries and delighting in unexpected discoveries whilst embracing a “no limit” philosophy.

Explorer is a natural choice of brand personality for rugged products that are used in the wild, such as off-road vehicles and clothing for sport, hiking, skiing, etc.

The Explorer brand archetype promise Freedom.

The worst thing that could happen to the Explorer brand would be to come across as corporate, rigid or to become a misfit. They want to escape boredom and find the new and unknown.

GOPRO – ‘Hero5’

As soon as you press play on this advertisement by GOpro, you can already sense through the soundtrack that it is all about discovery and freedom. GOpro brand itself through nature, outdoor hobbies and exploration and they advertise its products to be essential to this world in the most extreme environments. They aim to inspire travel people, to go and find themselves and of course to capture every moment with their products.



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