Brand Archetypes

Brand Archetypes

Discover the 12 Brand Archetypes to drive business success

Developing a strong brand requires developing a strong brand personality. Just like people, your company’s brand has a personality, which will determine how customers connect with you and whether or not they want to do business with you. Brand Archetypes are an important part of understanding your brand personality.

We all have a tendency to create stereotypes and psychologist Carl Jung believed that many film and story characters are instantly familiar to us because they are primal and instinctive, part of a ‘collective unconscious’ we all share. These all-too-familiar (stereotypical) characters are often referred to as Jungian archetypes and have since become a popular tool for personifying brands.

At Vision One, we help brand owners discover how they themselves perceive their brand, but also how customers from the outside world also see their brand. Understanding these differences in perceptions are essential to improving your brand and your relationship with the customer.

The 12 Brand Archetypes and the Archetype Wheel

In total there are 12 Archetypes and these are illustrated on the Archetype Wheel below – along with an example of a brand within each Archetype.

brand archetype wheel

If you’re new to Brand Archetypes, then you’re going to need some help, so don’t be afraid to connect with us – we can look upon your brand and category with the right balance of objectivity and truth. We combine market research and archetyping exercises with our clients to help tell the brand’s story and uncover the essence, heart and emotion for your brand. Defining your brand’s archetype is an exciting journey that will lead you to inspiring.