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Unlock the true power of understanding your brand positioning by making your customers position you above your competitors through actionable insight

Optimise your Brand Positioning and Targeting Strategies

A strong Brand Proposition, Positioning and Targeting Strategy is essential for all businesses striving for success. Our Brand Growth study shows that Brands with a strong positioning typically see revenue increases over 10%-20%. 

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The Brand Positioning Strategy

The perception your target market has towards your brand determines the way consumers view and use your business. The position they place your brand determines which brands you’ll compete with and how. When positioned correctly, your brand strategy and business offering will be aligned and in turn, add value to your brand.

To summarise, Brand Positioning is about owning the position (space) in the mind of the customer and is often displayed as a two-dimensional space. The dimensions should focus on the needs of the market and what differentiates you from the competitions. Once the differences between your brand and your competitors are established, the benefits you offer are what generate the differences and how you show your value to the target market.

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What you need to consider

In order for you to get your Brand Positioning in the correct place, you need to consider three things:

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Target Audience

When developing your Proposition, it is vital to fully understand your target market.  Segmentation research will identify which groups you should be focusing on, ensuring you deliver the things that matter to them and  which buttons to press for each segment.

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Keeping an eye on your competitors, the batlle ground and how the market is evolving.  Brand Tracking or a Usage & Attitude (U&A) studies are best suited to determine how your competitors are seen and used. Focus Groups amongst competitor users are also extremly insightful.

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Brand Image

Brand Image studies are often part of a Brand Tracking or U&A study. Understanding your strengths and weaknesses and why consumers choose your brand over others are essential for marketers developing their strategy. Supplement this with groups for the deepest insights.

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How We Work

We work very closely with clients and see ourselves as an extension of each of our client’s business. When it comes to Brand Positioning, being there from the start helps us understand and develop a deeper knowledge of your brand. Then combining our knowledge of markets and 20 years of experience in delivering actionable insights to present the best method of research to produce the best outcome for your brand.

To be truly effective, Brand Positioning should be rechecked and tweaked as markets and competitors are continuously evolving.

Why not get your brand in the best position possible by speaking to one of our members of staff and finding out how we can help you become the brand you want to be? If you’re wondering why you should talk to us then why not read about us and our brand story?


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It helps guide and shape the future of a brand through different routes of innovation, communication and sales and marketing schemes. Once your Brand Positioning has been defined, then it is essential that all the elements of the marketing mix, product offering & innovation, pricing and retail distribution should all help to support the chosen positioning.

Another factor to consider is whether your brand is seen as ethical and environmental. Does your brand produce its products with sustainable products and services? Is there a green policy in place? Consumers are more conscious of how brands act more than ever.

Once you have positioned in the market and how your competitors are viewed, and your know the target audience, now you need to follow through. Brand Tracking will help determine if all expectations of the brand are being met, ensuring the success and growth of the company.


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