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Dr. Hannah Roberts

Research & Innovation Manager

Hannah is our lead neuroscientist and heads up our Advanced Research Unit (ARU) specialising in the latest cutting-edge research solutions.  This includes eye tracking, EEG and our other innovative methods.

Hannah’s Career to Date

Hannah Roberts is the latest neuroscientist to join our Advanced Research Unit, bringing her expertise within Neuro-insights and management of projects to the team.

Hannah’s passion for research has led her to Vision One at one of our most exciting times! Settling into the roles and responsibilities, developing our Neuromarketing offerings, and producing actionable insights for our clients to help brands grow!

Hannah’s Story

Hannah graduated with her PhD in Psychology, specialising in Cognitive Neuroscience, in 2021 at the University of Liverpool. Her research was focused on combining cutting-edge mobile Electroencephalography (EEG) and eye-tracking techniques to examine brain activity during shopping. Now, Hannah is using her Eye Tracking expertise to make up the team at Vision One.

Hannah has worked extensively as a Post-Doctoral Research Associate for Unilever on many consumer science and neuroscientific projects, clinical trials, and on qualitative research within the NHS.

Hannah has a passion for neuroscience and all things decision-making. She also believes that using mixed methodologies in applied settings is the best way to holistically understand consumer decision-making and behaviour, helping companies to tailor their products and services. She currently works on Vision One’s neuro-marketing research projects and qualitative research projects.

Hannah Roberts Vision One

Hannah's Areas of Expertise

Hannah works across a range of services and is now involved across many areas of the business from supporting our ongoing innovation programme to qualitative research.

Interesting Fact About Hannah

What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve done before?
I would not describe myself as an adventurous person; however, I think I am extremely adventurous when it comes to research. I am always willing to try new methods or ideas. This led me to take on an extremely challenging PhD, developing new techniques for measuring decision-making in realistic shopping environments and overcoming many technical challenges along the way. On a personal note, the most adventurous thing I have ever done was free climbing up a mountain, despite my crippling fear of heights, to prove to myself that I could overcome my fears, and of course for the great views.

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