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BrandVision is Vision One’s pioneering brand tracking research tool. Unlike other traditional brand tracking companies, we like to do it differently by focusing on the Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and metrics that drive growth.

Importantly, as a brand health tracker, BrandVision provides clear strategic insights to help improve business decision making by helping you to understand what is important in driving brand equity. BrandVision does this by utilising the latest thinking in research, marketing, psychology and neuroscience.

Ideal for global & international or country by country trackers, our brand tracking surveys can be used to effectively monitor consumer and market trends along with important metrics to measure your brand health performance (as a snapshot or over time). Plus, you can track the audiences you really want unlike off the shelf systems!

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As one of the leading international brand tracking companies, we are ISO 20252 accredited and members of the UK Market Research Society, our approach uniquely focuses on the metrics which can be harnessed to drive growth. All these metrics are encompassed in the Brand Wheel and results in the creation of a unique Brand Equity Score, which reflects the strength and potential of a brand and key competitors.

Why Brand Tracking?

  • Provides the strategic Insights that will help you fast forward your brand
  • Helps you understand how to drive forward consideration and usage
  • Identifies customer segments requiring greater attention
  • Successfully evaluate and optimise your marketing strategy and campaign messaging
  • Ensures you stay ahead of your competitors
  • Builds your growth strategy

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Clients Worked With

We're delighted to be working with many leading UK and International brands on their brands strategy and tracking studies. Examples include:

Yeo Valley Vision One

Family Farm

Introducing a fresh approach to Brand Tracking and a healthy brand equity

Royal British Legion Vision One

In Our Hearts

Helping to develop The Royal British Legions remembrance strategy through monitoring public opinion and behaviours

Culture Trip Vision One

For The Curious

Inspired Brand Tracking for one of the UKs fastest growing travel brands

Silentnight Vision One

Sleeping Tight

Helping Silentnight become one of the UK’s most trusted brands

Federation Of Small Businesses Vision One

Getting Down To Business

B2B research to understand what SMEs want from business support organisations

Metcalfe's Skinny Vision One

Putting The Pop Into Popcorn

Revealing new insights into UK healthy snacking market and brand perceptions

Brand Health Matters

Having developed a comprehensive database of brands, we are now able to offer new insights we have acquired about successful brands. In particular, the BrandVision database collects norms which helps our clients to better understand and benchmark their strengths and weaknesses with brands inside and outside their own markets.

The user-friendly dashboard also delivers all the important brand information in meaningful ways along with core metrics. BrandVision can also incorporate marketing campaign evaluation – capturing key insights around advertising awareness.

For those not looking for a comprehensive Brand Tracker, BrandVision is also available in a ‘lite’ version – which focuses on the core metrics (i.e. Mindshare, Brand Funnel etc.) for a lower cost solution.

How often should you track your brand?

There is no real consensus amongst most UK and international brand tracking companies about how often you should track. Commonly, most brand owners will conduct a Brand Health Tracker either on an Annual, Quarterly or Monthly basis. The frequency of tracking is very much industry, budget and brand dependent:

  • Annual tracking is ideal for brands who do not change things up regularly or those who experience high seasonality.
  • Whereas, quarterly trackers are most common, covering seasonal trends and capturing the impact of marketing activities.
  • If you are a new brand in a very fast-paced industry or a disruptor in an established market, you may opt for a monthly brand tracker which might be best for you.

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