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Communications Research

Gathering a deep and detailed understanding about A2Dominion customers for future communications development.

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The Challenge
A2Dominion wanted to understand their customers’ response to the Annual Report they create and share. The chief aim of this research was to allow the A2Dominion team to gain a deeper understanding of customers’ views to inform the future development of the report. This included looking at the content, report structure and design, digital approaches and the overall impression this report created about A2Dominion.

Research Approach
Given the exploratory nature of the project, Vision One deemed a qualitative approach as most suitable to meet the objectives of the research. We conducted two online focus groups – one was Leasehold or shared ownership, and the second was social or private renters. Both groups included a mix of males and females, and all lived in key A2Dominion areas (Kent, Surrey, London).

Research Findings

Through the voice of A2Dominion customers, our research provided invaluable insights as to what mattered to the residents. The report specifically highlighted the channels of communication and what elements the report should include creating an empathetic and inclusive output for all.