Colloids Vision One Case Study

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Running an Employee Satisfaction survey to understand how their staff feel about particular parts of the business.

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The Challenge
Colloids is one of the UK’s leading Masterbatch manufacturers, operating across a number of sectors from Automotive to Packaging. After a period of rapid business growth, Colloids sought to better understand the working environment and how employees felt about a range of issues across the business and its departments.

Research Approach
We adopted a quantitative approach, incorporating Team-Talk. The research was conducted using both paper and email surveys which were sent to staff across all areas of the business.

Research Findings
The research highlighted that employees felt communication within the company could be improved, particularly by adopting a more consistent approach and providing better opportunities to develop and progress.

The research was well received and confirmed internal hypotheses around employee satisfaction levels. The research provided Colloids with key insights across a number of departments, allowing a new internal communications strategy to be developed.

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