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The Brand Momentum Story – A Brief Introduction

The Challenge

Dr Beckmann is the leading brand within the UK washing cleaner market.  However, their key competitor, Dettol, has recently introduced a new scented product which appears to be performing well and is now replacing their Original offering. As a result of these changes, Dr. Beckmann is now considering introducing a fragranced product and are looking to undertake research to assess whether there is demand for such a product and if this product could replace the existing offering. Vision One were commissioned to undertake this study.

Research Approach

An online survey methodology was used for this research. A number of interviews were completed among a target sample of respondents who purchase ‘Washing Machine Cleaning’ products.

Research Findings

There emerged a strong interest in fragranced washing machine cleaner. Both candidate products were preferred to the original product. Overall, the new product was the most preferred fragrance and we recommended the launch of this product. However, until consumer reactions to this new product launch can be gauged, the Original product should not be discontinued.