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The Challenge

Founded in 2019, Swyft is a London-based furniture manufacturer and e-retailer. With a growing range of sofas and armchairs, Swyft furniture has been designed to easily assemble within minutes. Prior to the development of new marketing and communications campaigns, research was required to further define and hone the value proposition.

Research Approach

Vision One adopted a mixed-modal qualitative approach for this project, incorporating both online focus groups and individual depth interviews with screen-share, amongst both target market respondents and current Swyft customers.

Research Findings

Our research produced a number of exciting findings, in particular around how the brand is communicated and consumer needs and furniture pain points. These insights validated Swyft’s internal hypotheses around who their target customer really is, allowing future communications strategy to be refined going forward. Swyft has since commissioned additional NPD research to help to shape its future product offering.