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Evaluating product taste and concepts across multiple variations.

Our Food & Drink experts have worked closely with Soreen to explore their consumer’s thoughts and opinions and produce actionable insights that the brand could improve from.

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The Challenge
Hormel were in the process of developing an innovative new range of
microwaveable Ready To Eat (RTE) meals, named ‘Spiced for Life’. Positioned using the ‘Ayurveda’ philosophy, the products were made with herbs and spices that are thoughts to have health giving properties and contained high levels of antioxidants. Research was required to conduct an evaluation of the ‘Spiced for Life’ concept, and product/taste test each of the nine potential variants.

Research Approach
Vision One conducted Central Location Tests (CLTs) across several venues across the UK. The sample consisted of over 400 respondents. All respondents were nonrejectors of the ‘Spiced for Life’ concept, who regularly bought and consumed RTE microwave meals.

Research Findings
Our research found that the most popular aspect of the concept was its unique storage proposition – that it could be stored without refrigeration and had a long shelf life. In addition, the concept was seen as being highly Unique, Easy to understand, with good Relevance and Believability scores.

The insights from this project allowed Hormel to further develop and shape the ‘Spiced for Life’ concept, and revise and reduce their product range, based on robust insights.

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