New PackProbe with Peripheral Vision metrics

It may not be immediately obvious, but did you realise that only 10% of your field of vision is typically sharp and in focus? In reality, most of what we see at any given time is just a blur!

90% of what you see is a blur! The fact that most of what we see is a blur has a profound impact on brand owners, advertisers and packaging designers because our subconscious brain uses this peripheral vision (blur) to determine what we should look at and when to act. The eye is made of areas (or boundaries), and the area that you can see most clearly is called the ‘Fovea’. This is an area which is only 5 degrees wide and typically referred to as our ‘Central’ vision. But this is tiny compared to the 180-degree field of vision most of us have.

The implication for brand owners who want to test and evaluate their packaging and communications is profound. Our brains are hard-wired into our peripheral vision and it is here where we are able to detect movement and light, as marketers, understanding how our peripheral vision affects us is vital if we are to capture the consumers’ attention and their heart and mind.

For years, as an industry, we have simply been testing marketing materials with the assumption that people will always see them in razor-sharp detail. The truth is somewhat different. Neuromarketing is in vogue at the moment, and many organisations are now waking up to System 1 thinking. These new peripheral vision developments, exclusively from Vision One, will help marketers improve their understanding to a new level. We have developed new metrics to assess the impact of your packaging and POS, and these have been incorporated into our popular advertising and packaging evaluation tools AdProbe and PackProbe.

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