Victoria Wood –Qualitative Director

Victoria works closely with a wide array of Vision One’s clients, extracting opinions and thoughts from participants to generate new and powerful insights that are easy to digest and act upon.

Victoria’s Story

Previously a director at Optimisa Research and retail specialists Lala and Wood, Victoria has worked on a number of leading product and service brands including British Airways, Department of Health, DSG, John Lewis, Mars, Pete Waterman Records, Proctor and Gamble, River Island and all the leading grocers, to name just some.

Her career has been driven by a fascination with what motivates consumers and she has a particular interest in the impact of the physical environment on purchase behaviour. Victoria says “The lure of Vision One’s research rigour and excellent products was too much to resist – the fact that they’re such nice people too makes a great combination and it was a very easy decision for me”.

Victoria started her career at BMP and was fortunate to benefit from the best planning and research training as a ‘grandchild’ of the BMP system, with its clean intellectual rigour, from one of Stanley Pollitt’s early graduates. As a result, she developed a lifelong love of all communications and how we craft their intricate structure, but still appreciate the wry observation of one guru of that era that, like jokes, there are only really five strategies in the world!

Personal qualities


An independent thinker and not afraid to defend the unpopular view, if I believe it’s the right one.


A good communicator and presenter, believing presentations are most effective when they are entertaining as well as informative.


A good listener, sometimes finding myself in the role of informal counsellor to others.


Curious and always willing to learn and keep abreast of new developments and how they add to the fundamentals and apply them in flexible and creative ways to any complex environment or challenge.


A belief in always trying to be fair to suppliers, contractors and employees and having empathy for all individuals, on the assumption that the best way to motivate people is to treat them as you would want to be treated yourself.


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