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Alex Brown

Director of Insights

Alex heads up the Insights Team at Vision One, orchestrating npd and our team towards success and ensuring our client’s research journey is smooth sailing.  


In July 2023, Alex was appointed to the board and is now a company director at Vision One as Director of Insights. Prior to this, Alex was Head of Operations.

With over 10 years of experience working at Vision One, Alex is at the heart of our business and client teams. The focus of his current role is centred around our clients, our innovation programmes and research & insight processes. Alex is responsible for our quality assurance framework ISO 20252:2012, the only Market Research quality assessment there is, with only 100 or so companies signed up internationally.

Prior to his role as Head of Operations, Alex was a Client Success Manager has given Alex the understanding of what is needed for a project to be successful, working together with our Qualitative, Quantitative and Brand Tracking teams to help drive our success stories and produce insights that allow brands to grow through actionable results.

Alex Brown joined Vision One in 2012, shortly after graduating from Huddersfield University. His tenure at Vision One since then has developed and evolved alongside his knowledge and responsibility.

Alex Brown Vision One Research

Clients Worked With

Heineken Logo
Another Round?

Testing new designs for Heineken’s latest counter mount

Pretty In Pink

Conducting deep dives into new snacking products produced

Lindt Chocolate Logo
Pure Indulgence

Developing scrumptious new product ideas for the UK Chocolate Consumer

Alex's Areas of Expertise

Alex's experience and knowledge means our clients will gain vital information to grow and develop.

Recent Q&A

“So what branch or type of research fascinates you?”

“Consumer behaviour/Decision making. Trying to discover the moment a customer hits the point between pragmatic, rational decision-making and emotional reaction – how are decisions really arrived at? Are we all as rational as we like to think? Probably not.”

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