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Experts in the sub-conscious mind

Even though our roots are in traditional market research, we recognise the limitations of some research methods and know that there is often a gap between what consumers say they will do and how they actually behave. In most cases, asking people questions is only valid if they know the answer – but there are many situations where this is not possible and typically occurs when the subconscious mind is most active.

For example, take household grocery shopping where much of our shopping behaviour is driven intuitively and instinctively (i.e. autopilot) as we wander around the store. In deed, recent research suggests that 95% of buying decisions are subconscious and emotional. This is where neuromarketing and our neuro insight techniques come to the fore as it is inherently difficult to verbalise subconscious thoughts which ultimately require special tools to extract them.

Our Expertise

We specialise in uncovering the hidden triggers of consumer purchasing behaviour and decision making. Our neuromarketing research methods started with eye-tracking over 10 years ago and are founded on both reliable and scientifically tested technology that have been published in research, psychology and marketing journals. They give brand owners a more reliable insight into how consumers feel about a brand, product, service or piece of communication.

Our Toolkit

Overall, we aim to help marketers achieve their dream of both understanding and bridging the gap between their products or messages and their customers’ subconscious and emotional minds. Our neuromarketing research toolkit includes;

  1. Eye-tracking (iVISION)
  2. Visual Attention Analysis (VAA)
  3. Facial Emotion Analysis (FACE)
  4. EEG Brain Activity (FOCUS)
  5. Implicit Reaction Time Testing (IRT)

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