Advertising Research

Advertising Research

Development, Pre-testing and Tracking

How effective are your Television, Radio, Digital and Brand communications?

With 20 years' experience, Vision One is an expert in advertising research. We have helped B2C and B2B brand owners across the world to develop effective advertising campaigns for tv, digital and print.  Advertising research isn’t just about providing game-changing strategic insight. It is a powerful tool with the capacity to steer you in the right direction, remove uncertainty and drive growth.

Savvy brands see advertising as an ongoing investment, assessing each campaign from a brand, sales and awareness standpoint. Once analysed, this valuable insight can be strategically applied to future approaches and decision making - driving innovation and growth.

Our Advertising Research Approach

We are creative in our approach, using a diverse range of advertising research techniques to add a real depth of insight into the effectiveness of your campaign. Our advertising research abilities include:

Creative development (in a Qualitative format)

Consumer Profiling

Media evaluation studies

Why Advertising Research?

Advertising research is a powerful tool that allows you to truly ‘discover’.  Imagine the impact of real feedback from your consumers.  Think of the value of being able to explore the intricate perceptions and reactions to each element of your advert - its overall appeal, the emotions it evokes, how well consumers understand the story, whether or not the key messages or visuals resonate, how memorable it is.  But that’s not all.  Advertising research provides you with so much more.

The Benefits of Advertising Research

Firstly, it provides the strategic insights that will help you fast forward your brand communications.

Secondly, it helps brands evaluate and optimise their advertising and campaign messaging.

Ad research explores the rational, emotional (feelings) and sub-conscious reactions to the advertising.

It helps you avoid making expensive mistakes and improves the ROI of your campaigns.

Finally, it helps businesses understand the impact of their advertising on the target audience.

The Drum Winner 2021 Vision One
UK's Best Market Research Agency 2021

Advertising Research Methods

Rather than using a single approach, like most market research companies, we believe in exploring the effectiveness of your advertisement from multiple angles - each with its own unique level of insight.

During your advertisement's development phase, focus groups are the perfect way to explore, develop and refine your ideas. You’ll glean game-changing, actionable insight from your target market, helping you to optimise your ad - ready for the real world.

Tracking your brand is a great way to see the impact of your advertising - outside of pure sales statistics.  Our innovative, award-winning product, BrandVision, covers 9 key metrics that work together to measure your brand from multiple standpoints (including emotional response, momentum and awareness). It provides you with an in-depth analysis of how these opinions change as a direct result of your advertising campaigns.

Similarly, we also offer a specialist Eye-tracking service, generating heat maps and gaze spots to track which areas of your ad are most impactful - the areas where your customers pay the most attention. Looking for a quicker, leaner approach?  We understand the increasing need for cost-effective and time-efficient research, so we also give you the option of our ‘lite’ approach - tailored to fit perfectly around your brief, without compromising on value.

Our Advertising Research Work

As an award-winning insight agency, and winner of Best Market Research Agency 2021, our advertising research has helped brands across the world to develop successful advertising campaigns that drive growth. Here are just some of the brands we’ve worked with:

Wheelin’ & Dealin’

Testing current adverts execution against its new execution

Above And Beyond

Advertising development workshop groups

Going The Distance

UK holidaymakers Attitudes and Behaviours towards US holidays

Hearty Advertising

Exploring the impact of DRTV Advertising Evaluation on legacy will donations

Washing Machines Need Love!

Developing and refining a new and successful laundry care product for European markets

Silentnight Vision One

Sleeping Tight

Helping Silentnight become one of the UK’s most trusted brands

Specialist Tool Designed With You In Mind

We are pioneers. We like to break new ground, challenge existing methods and provide a deeper level of insight for our clients. That’s why, after working with psychologists and advertising experts, we developed our own, market-leading strategic approach to advertising evaluation - AdProbe.

Advertising Research Company Vision One

Just as all good things should be, it's not a single approach, it’s more of a philosophy. Designed to shape our approach to all our advertising research. It allows us to offer original, meaningful insight - from your project design right through to our presentation of final recommendations.

In addition, you will also find we have our own, normative database - providing the perfect starting point to measure your brand against the average, as well as your competitors.  And because we provide actionable insight within weeks of commission, you’ll quickly have the facts, figures and depth of understanding you need to adjust and improve your advert.

Our Case Studies

Want to see how this works in reality? We totally understand - It’s pretty exciting stuff.  As a result here are a few case studies of clients who have used our AdProbe tool and have never looked back!

Similarly, you can find out more about some of the innovative metrics we use here and explore just how AdProbe can help your next campaign to succeed.

Client Testimonials

In conclusion, if you have any advertising research needs or alternatively would like to find out more about AdProbe, then please get in touch with us. Please ask for Tony Lewis on 0203 693 3150 or use the contact button below.