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B2B Research Agency for Decision-Makers

If you’re a decision-maker or insight with a business problem needing insight, then you have come to the right place!

We’re a multidisciplinary, research-led B2B research agency providing UK and global business research, through proven qualitative and quantitative research solutions.

With access to businesses from over 100 industries and millions worldwide, we can access niche audiences at scale. We’re more than just a business research firm providing numbers, we’re a B2B research consultancy providing strategic advice and consultancy to achieve your goals. To us, it’s about giving you game-changing, commercially sound advice that has a real impact on your company’s performance – advice that gives you the insight you need to innovate, adapt, evolve and grow.

We answer the difficult questions and challenge the status quo to provide you with fast, accurate and actionable customer insights. Over 600 businesses worldwide have trusted us to help them launch new products and services. Whether it is understanding your customers and creating customer personas for more effective targeting or understanding your brand’s equity and perceptions, we have a range of innovative new techniques that help elevate growth – working with us can get pretty exciting!

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Education & Training

Our market research experience in the training and education sectors spans both private and public education.  This includes higher education (colleges & universities) and primary and secondary schools. We also work for organisations and learning centres that provide business training and coaching.

Examples of our education research include;

  • Brand reputation and tracking
  • Branding development
  • Communications research
  • Teacher feedback
  • New product development
  • Identifying barriers to use

Financial Services

Our Financial services includes Banking, Credit, Insurance, Stocks, and Accountancy.

  • New product development
  • Customer segmentation
  • Brand image tracking
  • Market evaluation
  • Communication & Messaging


Food & Drink

The food and drink industry is arguably the most diverse, value-driven and sustainability-focused industry sector in the world. Our research experience covers everything from farm to table across the globe.

Recent  food and drink research projects include:

  • Sustainability and messaging
  • Customer needs
  • New product development
  • Sensory and product testing
  • Thought leadership
  • Customer satisfaction

Government & Public Sector

We understand the public sector environment and benefit from having had wide-ranging involvement within the sector.

Our researchers are all experienced in public sector research, having carried out projects for education, health, local government, central government, housing and business support clients. 

Recent business and b2b research includes:

  • Wellbeing survey research
  • Resident surveys
  • Brand and communications
  • Customer and employee satisfa


Our B2B healthcare experience is diverse and involves working with healthcare professionals, mental health experts, carers, and a range of roles across the NHS and private sector.

Our recent research experience includes:

  • Branding and messaging
  • Retirement planning
  • Equipment supplies
  • Needs assessment
  • Product development



Paper Print & Packaging

Despite numerous challenges, the paper, print and packaging industry continues to grow, Nevertheless,  megatrends such as digitalisation, consumer demands for convenience and sustainability, and disruption caused by the rise of e-commerce and technology integration bode well for companies that can adapt.

Examples of recent studies includes:

  • Product exploration
  • Market entry
  • Customer persona and segmentation
  • Brand image
  • Customer needs


Professional & Business Services

Our professional and business services research solutions provide insightful and actionable insight into business challenges. Our clients include: Management consultants, Marketing agencies, Business support services, Financial services, IT, Real estate, 

We provide clear research results with a focus on your objectives; identifying how customer, employee and stakeholder expectations can be met to deliver increased levels of satisfaction.

Recent projects we’ve undertaken include

  • Brand research
  • Marketing and communications
  • New product development
  • Customer needs & satisfaction


The telecommunications industry (broadband, mobile etc) has continued to see extensive change with the convergence of voice and data, allied with the development of new IT and telecommunication solutions.

  • Client satisfaction studies
  • Brand image
  • Customer needs research
  • Advertising & Messaging
  • New Product Development
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Our B2B Research Insight Services

In the world of business, change is inevitable. But with meaningful, strategic insight, you can anticipate that change, adapt to it and turn it to your advantage. Our Business and B2B market research company services include;

B2B Research Vision One
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International Research Vision One
Customer Satisfaction Vision One
Qualitative Research Company Vision One
B2B Brand Research

B2B Brand Research and Brand Tracking
Discover more about our market-leading and award-winning B2B Brand Tracking service BrandVision. We reveal and track the metrics that are proven to help grow B2B brands and develop strong business strategies for growth. 

B2B Product Development

Innovation and New Product Developmentl.Our B2B research will help you identify unmet needs, develop new products and optimise your existing products and services. Explore reactions from your customers to ensure your offering and communications hit the mark. Most importantly, our research will help you make better decisions and increase your ROI.

Global B2B Resarch

International B2B research Services. With an extensive international and global network, we have the tools and the team to reach your target customers whereever they might be in the world. We offer the highest quality qualitative and quantitative B2B research under the ISO20252 International Standard.

B2B Segmentation

B2B Customer Segmentation & Persona Development. Our team of B2B research experts will help you develop and optimise your business sementation for greater marketing efficiencies and ultimately save money. Our expertise with customer and market segmentaiton models will help take you to the next level.

B2B Qualitative

Our B2B qualitative experts are used to thinking on their feet.

From self-employed business owners to c-Suite leaders in multi-naitonal companies, we have experienced them all.   Depth interviews is more common and can be done online or in person.

Our B2B & Business Research Stories

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Best Consumer & B2B Research Companies


Great Clients
We’ve worked with some fantastic brands across the private (manufacturing, financial services, small field ventures) and public sector (charities, local and central Government).

Looking for the Best B2B Market Research Companies in London to work with?
With offices in Bayhams Street, Camden, London – You will find we bring a refreshingly different perspective to your business and customer insights. Above all else, we appreciate the uniqueness of your brand. Therefore, we understand that a ‘one-hat fits all’ approach doesn’t add value.

So that’s why we adapt our B2B or Business to Business market research approaches to fit perfectly around your business, timeline and brief – using our own award-winning techniques to our online quantitative surveys and qualitative focus groups.

Key Benefits of using a B2B Research Company like Vision One

1. Improved Return on Investment

With reliable business research insights, you can more confidently and effectively target the right customers and attract them to your brand, product and services. The more in tune you are with your customer and target market the more they will want to use you and an increased willingness to pay.

Finger on the Pulse

Things are always changing in business and your competitors are constantly shifting positions and trying new tactics. B2B market research is an ideal way to help you stay on top of any new developments and make the right choices.

Brand tracking is an ideal way to monitor your progress and whether or not you are achieving your targets and KPIs. Monitoring both potential and current customers on a regular basis means (e.g. annually) means you can quickly modify your direction and approach. Businesses are rational and like to take steps to make decisions on facts and hard numbers – this is where business tracking comes to the fore.

North-West B2B market research company offices in Manchester, Liverpool (Merseyside) and Leeds

West midlands B2B market research company offices in Birmingham and Willenhall (Staffordshire)


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