When it comes to their favourite brands, according to a recent brand tracking research survey, people in the UK are sometimes more committed to brands and some companies services than they are to their partners.

According to TopCashback, 30 per cent say they’ve been seeing the same hairdresser for longer than they’ve been in their relationship, while 26 per cent have used the same washing-up liquid longer than they’ve been with one partner.

What’s more, the UK brand tracking research survey shows that 28 per cent admit they’ve been drinking the same brand of tea longer than they’ve been married for, while 31 per cent say they’ve been shopping at the same supermarket for longer

You might well think that it’s price that keeps people coming back to what they know time and time again, but this actually isn’t the case. The market research found that people stick to their brands because of quality, rather than cost, with 24 per cent saying this is true for them. And a further one out five of those asked said they like the familiarity of what they’re buying, while loyalty points and customer service were also key.

So, for companies considering how to create a loyal customer base, it seems that focusing on quality above cost and offering promos and excellent customer service could yield particular benefits. Of course, you don’t want to stop trying to attract new customers through your doors, but it’s important to remember to reward those who are loyal.

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