If there is something people are willing to dedicate a lot of time and money to find, it’s love, which could be useful for brands and retail research companies to know.

According to Topcashback.co.uk, 53 per cent of Brits who are now loved-up went on between two and four dates per month to find their partner. Each time they went on a date, it cost them £30, amounting to an average of £90 per month.

In addition to this, they typically spend £30 a month grooming themselves to ensure they look their best when they see their dates.

Those using dating apps and websites are investing even more cash in the pursuit of love, with 39 per cent of people who are subscribed to fee-paying sites spending £15 on average every month searching the internet. An impressive one-third of online daters choose to pay for dating services, as opposed to using free apps, such as Tinder.

TopCashback.co.uk also found that looking for a date takes up a considerable amount of time, not just money, with men and women using ten hours per week to find a partner.

Research showed ladies spend a lot longer in their search, with 21 to 30 hours a week usually taken up by looking for a potential mate.

This comes just after Valentine’s Day, when Brits paid a huge amount of money to impress their loved ones. According to The Share Centre, £86 million was expected to be spent on the Saturday before February 14th alone, with the date now known among those in retail as ‘Red Saturday’.

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