The Regular Guy

The Realist, The Everyman, The Friend

PG Tips
The Regular Guy Archetype Vision One

Brands in the Regular Guy archetype aim to be on the same level as the consumer, treating them as equals and expressing traits of unpretentiousness and humbleness in their brand.

The Regular Guy appreciates the quality and dependability in their brand. They prefer the familiar to the strange, and will, therefore, invest in brands that they trust. They have fears of being alone, and will go to great lengths to not stand out, but instead will attempt to fit in to achieve a feeling of belonging with the collective.

Their simple values and a need for belonging help them develop common and wholesome virtues that endow them with a realistic perspective of the world. For the Regular Guy, it’s about getting the job done and properly.

The Regular Guy’s Key Characteristics and Values

Goal: To belong

Strategy: Be down-to-earth and develop solid virtues

Greatest Fear: To be left out or stand out from the crowd

Personalities: Realist, Democrat, Comrade

Key Attributes: Everyday functionality, Honesty, Dependable, not pretentious, straight shooter, people-oriented

The Regular Guy Brand Archetype Explained:

The Regular Guy Archetype are businesses that take pride in their own down-to-earth ethos. Their image is honest and trustworthy. The worst thing that could happen to the regular guy business would be for them to look greedy. The Regular guy is also known as the Good old boy, Everyman, Person next door, Regular Jane, the Common man, Realist, Working stiff, Solid citizen, Good neighbour and Silent majority. For the regular guy, all women and men are created equal, and this gives them empathy and lack of pretence couple with a very realistic view of the world.

Regular Guy brands will promise Belonging

The most effective products or services that a brand can channel the Regular guy archetype are those that give people a sense of belonging with a high degree of practicality, functionality, and low to mid-degree of complexity. The Regular Guy archetype helps customers be OK just as they are.

PG TIPS – ‘Monkey and Al’

Set in a typically British setting, rainy day, cold and the only thing to make things better is to put your feet up and have a cup of tea. PG tips specialise in making people feel at home and at peace with themselves. This advertisement by PG is realistic and people-oriented and therefore won’t stand out too much in a crowd. Through generations PG has been humble in their advertising and making consumers all feel equal, avoiding pretentiousness.



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