The Caregiver

The Caregiver, Nurturer, Parent, Angel

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The Caregiver Archetype Vision One

The caregiver is driven by their need to protect and care for others. They offer protection, safety and support for their customers. They have an innate capacity for nurturing. The worst thing that could happen to them would be for their products to be perceived as harmful or exploitative.

Usually, caregiver brands have the view of the brand archetype supporting families or serving public sectors for example healthcare and education. They aim to make people take care of themselves. Almost all baby care brands are based on this archetype, which not coincidentally, also functions under a different name – the Mother.

Goal: To help and care for others

Strategy: Protecting and doing things for others

Greatest Fear: Selfishness and Ingratitude

Personalities: Supporter, Advocate, Nurturer

Key Attributes: Altruistic, Selfless, Nurturing, Compassionate, Empathetic, Supportive and Generous

The Caregiver Archetype Explained:

The Caregiver Archetype is customers who want to be recognised for their efforts with the brand without being patronised and forced. Aggressive or over-the-top adverts are a huge turnoff, whilst emotionally driven adverts often strike the right chords.

Caregiver brands will promise to protect.

The caregiver will be generous, compassionate and strong on a positive note, but on the negative, they can be seen as manipulative and co-dependent.

JOHN LEWIS – ‘She’s Always A Woman’

This ad fits perfectly around the caregiver archetype. With the vision of belonging and a positively pleasant life with care and everything needed to get by, John Lewis promote themselves as a carer with a need to protect its customers. ‘ Our lifelong commitment to you’ with the aim of making sure people take care of themselves.



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