The Magician

The Magician Vision One

The Magician

The Healer, The Wizard, The Visionary

The magician wants to understand the universe and their position in the world, but they fear any unintended negative consequences of their exploration. Magician brand archetypes will promote themselves as the gate to transformative experience and they will focus on individuals rather than the group, they will also usually flatter the customer and tell them to trust their own instincts.

Magicians seek to understand how things work, and as a result, change lives for the better. Alternate names such as the healer and the visionary bring out this element more strongly and help us to see that it is not an archetype solely concerned with mystical experiences. On a positive, the magician brand will be driven, charismatic and healing but on a bad day can be dishonest, disconnected or sometimes manipulative to its customers.

The Magician – Key Characteristics and Values

Goal: To make dreams come true

Strategy: Develop a vision and live by it

Greatest Fear: Negative consequences

Personalities: The Envisioner, Healer, Catalyst

Key Attributes: The visionary, Inventor, Spiritual, Values magical moments, Charismatic Leader, Holistic

The Magician Archetype Explained:

Serving as a catalyst for change and turning the world's problems into opportunities, the magician brand archetype empowers its customers and intends on serving a win/win solution for all involved in a situation. Magician businesses thrive off innovation and see possibility, and through their inventiveness, they set off a chain reaction.

Magician brands will promise Knowledge

Customers of the magician brand archetype need to feel like they can grow wiser with the product or service and influence people by using them. Magician customers are driven by imaginative advertising and as inspiring as possible.

The worst thing that could happen to a magician brand would be for them to be seen as structures or hollow in their aims.

AUDI – ‘Pure Imagination A5’

Audi have promoted themselves through this commercial as the magician brand archetype by firstly, the choice of the soundtrack ‘Pure Imagination’ By Willy Wonka, a magical film of mystique and enchantment. The advertisement takes you through the technological processes of building the new A5, but with the idea that it has been created and innovated along the lines of your imagination and therefore magical, making dreams come true.

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