More Evidence Arrives

Monarch is not an isolated case of foreseeing brands in trouble.  We recently conducted a momentum study in the UK and the US and discovered that The Body Shop, an international skincare and cosmetics retailer, showed a weak Brand Momentum Score. Months later, on 13th February this year, the once iconic brand sadly also went into administration as the momentum score had anticipated.  The important thing here is that not only is it possible to use public perceptions to ascertain the future performance of a brand, but arguably, these perceptions are the root cause of the decline and failure.

How is it in today’s world, where sustainability and the planet are so important, how is it possible for the Body Shop to struggle? Surely now is the ideal time for the brand to fly! But through the lens of brand momentum, we were easily able to see the root cause of its problems.

This raises the vital question of why brands focus so much on brand awareness – when it cannot predict the future. The same is true for most, if not all, other brand metrics, from consideration to loyalty, none of which can indicate the direction in which a brand is heading. Brands need a new way to think about their brands and focus on metrics that matter.


Measuring Momentum

This unique predictive power is just one of the benefits of the measurement.  Higher momentum scores are also associated with other brand advantages such as increased loyalty. Research shows that many consumers are attracted to growing brands and deterred from declining brands. Growing brands are also associated with perceptions of popularity and success, a willingness to pay more for them, and as attractive places to work or in which to buy shares. The power of momentum is mighty indeed, and understanding it can help businesses thrive and develop new consumer-based strategies for growth.

Brands are not real – they are just constructs in the minds of consumers.  Vision One helps businesses evaluate and understand these constructs through business and consumer research. We help business leaders make better decisions. Most trackers are annual, although heavier spenders typically conduct them more regularly to track the short-term impact of their marketing.  Through these changes, we can start to see which questions (metrics) are influential and related to brand performance and success.


The benefits of Momentum: