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Build your brand to become an icon by researching everything you need to know about how your customers view you through your own bespoke research journey.

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What is Brand Identity?

Brand Identity is simple; it’s anything that is intrinsically associated with a brand from a visual or audio perspective. This can be as simple as the logo, the colour palette you use or the font, or how your social media content. It can also stretch into product design. Ultimately, all of this is linked to the style and personality of a brand.

Today brand identity is changing, and there is an increasing emphasis on simplifying and strengthening brand identities. There are some iconic identities in the business world, and companies invest heavily in them, from Tiffany’s trademark shade of blue to Apple’s ability to become the most recognisable piece of fruit. Ultimately, branding and brand identification are the cheapest ways of advertising your brand or company.

Neuroscience has shown that logos, icons, colours and even straplines can be hard-wired into the consumers’ minds. This type of power means you can stand out from the rest of your competitors and create an advantage amongst your target audience when it comes to making a purchasing decision.

Get it wrong, and you will find your brand in a difficult position that lends itself tricky to get out of – that’s where we come in.

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Things you should consider about your Brand Identity

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Stand out from the crowd, produce easy-to-recognise branding and eliminate any confusion with your competitors. Distinctiveness helps consumers remember you, don’t just follow the crowd!

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Your brand identity needs to work across all platforms, all channels and all scenarios. Succesful businesses are agile and adaptable, along with their marketing and branding.

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Some brands take the unique elements too far! Whilst it’s great to be different, the logo and branding still need to be uniform and understandable for the customers. Our research will help you  understand what you are getting right.

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Examples of our Brand Research

“Thanks guys for helping to build and shape the
Dr Beckmann brand.
Long may it continue!”

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“Their insights and expertise greatly enhanced our performance and understanding of our brand health; Vision One are WONDERFUL to work with. Their communication, time management and dedication to question-solving are excellent!”

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“They are methodical in their approach, always looking for the best way to approach a particular area, and genuinely go the extra mile for their clients. I have recommended them to other businesses seeking their expertise”

“I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Vision One. They are very helpful, knowledgeable and approachable. I would definitely recommend their services.”

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How we Help

We have an extensive toolkit of research tools designed to help create, refine and evaluate brand identity. and marketing collateral.

Brand Identity Vision One
Brand Name Development

We offer a range of solutions from focus groups and co-creation which help identify and refine name choices, to quantitative testing which tells you which is optimal for your target audience.

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Deep Dive Exploration

Take a Deep Dive into your Brand. Qualitative research and in particular focus groups are ideal ways to explore what your brand means and which elements are working and which are not.

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Brand Equity Measurement

Measuring your Brand Equity and Identity are important  to understand, not just yourself but your competitors too. Our tools combine System 1 and System 2 thinking for thorough measurement.

The power of Brand Identity

The identity of a brand and the loyalty of a customer are heavily linked. Building a strong and consistent image for your brand allows customers to see you as more reputable, adding a layer of trust when they see your business. Elevate your brand to a level where just seeing the name or logo is seen as reassuring and worth any difference in price or style from your competitors.

If your brand is just starting out, then you need to make the visual elements of your brand memorable and appealing to the eyes. By having an instantly recognisable brand, you can develop your impression on the consumers from the start.

Because human decision-making is built on emotion, if your brand is able to provoke a positive emotion, the likelihood of loyalty and repeat business are much greater.

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