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The Challenge

Allianz is a German-based multinational financial services company with insurance and asset management as its core businesses. Vision One was commissioned to provide research into its travel insurance product strategy and communications. The core aims were to ascertain what customers think is in their policy, understand where they look for further information, identify the appetite for additional cover and understand the key messages that resonate to make them more likely to purchase.

Research Approach

Vision One adopted a mixed-methodology approach to this project consisting of two exploratory focus groups, a brainstorming session, one refinement focus group and an online survey, in that order.

Research Findings

Amongst others, our research revealed three key findings.
1) Customers are fickle and have no real loyalty to brands in this sector.
2) Comparison sites are fundamental to search for travel insurance products.
3) Medical and health benefits dominate needs.

Regarding these findings, we recommended the following actions respectively.
1) Develop a loyalty program or product proposition with a loyalty reward.
2) Retain a presence on comparison sites.
3) Place an emphasis on the proposition of ‘best’ health benefits (and tiers).