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Evaluating consumer’s perceptions towards the brand through taste tests

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The Challenge
Whilst being a major global brand, Skippy had a relatively limited presence in the UK and received little marketing support. With a belief that Skippy is superior to its competitors in terms of taste and texture, research was required to conduct a taste test amongst peanut butter users to ascertain user perceptions for Skippy against its principal competitors, with products rated across a range of taste and texture attributes.

Research Approach
Vision One conducted a comprehensive product taste test across 4 locations in the UK. The research was conducted amongst 300 peanut butter consumers aged between 16-35, with products presented in two sets of paired comparisons.

Research Findings
Our research shown that on both product ratings and overall preference, Skippy was seen as being superior to its primary competitors, providing validation to the client’s belief that Skippy was superior to its competitors. Despite Skippy having demonstrable superiority on texture, the principle driver for preference was taste, rather than texture.

Insights from the research indicated that Skippy’s superiority against its competitors emerged once consumers tasted the products in comparative situations and had the chance to compare the products directly. This indicated that it was extremely important to get respondents to trial the product, and provided Skippy with actionable insights allowing business and marketing strategies to be shaped and informed based on robust consumer insights.

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