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We are looking for people aged 30-59 who live in or Greater Manchester to take part in a in depth interview gathering user perceptions of various carpet cleaning products. The In depth interview will take place in your household, members of our staff will turn up and get your opinions carpet cleaners and your personal habits, and may show a demonstration of a carpet cleaner product inside your home. The interviews are being held on Monday 4th until Wednesday 6th November, lasting 60 minutes with interviews starting from 11am until 8pm, for which you will be paid £70 for your time.

(If you’ve never been fortunate to participate in an In-Depth Interview before then we suggest you read this brief introduction).

We would like to hear from you if you are:

  • Aged 30-59
  • Main grocery shopper/ user of carpet cleaning products
  • Living in or around Greater Manchester

Your Next Steps

If this sounds of interest to you or you know someone who might be eligible, please complete the form below before the deadline date of Tuesday 29th October.  Once completed, a member of our team will be in touch within a few days where you will be asked to provide further information about yourself in order to assess whether you fit the profile required for this project. You will then be informed if you are eligible and you will then receive more detailed instructions about the project and answer any queries you might have.

For any questions, you may have, please feel free to email

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