Vision One are now ISO accredited

In 2018 Vision One achieved the international quality standard ISO 20252 : 2012 making us one of only 100 or so research companies worldwide to achieve this essential quality standard.

ISO20252 Market Research Accreditation

Whilst we have been MRS Company Partners for many years, adhering to both the MRS Code of Conduct and all important data protection requirements, we have now introduced a Research Process Management System in line with ISO 20252 : 2012.

Why ISO20252 matters 

After just a few months, we made significant changes and improvements within our business and we continue making progress and improvement every year.

If you’re interested in quality,  we thought you would be interested to know a little more. So we’ve outlined seven ways in which this standard will benefit you and provide the reassurances you seek.

We hope you agree that all these steps will help guarantee that your research is of the highest standards. This ongoing commitment to quality is already reaping rewards for us and helps to explain why Vision One have been voted finalists for The Drum’s ‘UK’s Best Research Agencies’ 5 years running!


7 Benefits of ISO

  1. Firstly, it offers you the assurance of working with a company which is recognised on a world platform.
  2. It means we work in even closer partnership with our clients to ensure a seamless service and that these services meet the agreed requirements and deliverables.
  3. It means a high-quality service is instilled in everything we do, ensuring a more effective and reliable delivery of our services – which also increases traceability across the whole organisation.
  4. It provides the reassurance that our company management and research processes are externally audited. (Unfortunately, there are still research providers out there who interview imaginary respondents!).
  5. It gives extra protection of respondent privacy.
  6. We also apply the rigours of this standard to our partners who have to meet our ISO 20252 : 2012 quality standards in order to work for us/you.
  7. We continuously invest in training, to ensure our knowledge is always expanding and to encourage a culture that promotes high-quality performance amongst all our staff.

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