They used to say that life begins at 40. Now, it seems, that life actually begins at 61, given the fact that new London market research [link] has shown that the over-50s appear to be a really rather adventurous lot – something brands might want to consider when marketing their products to this demographic.

A survey from Co-op Funeralcare and Co-op Legal Services has revealed the bucket list for this age group [link], with the top five must-do activities being made up of travelling the country they live in, seeing the Northern Lights, travelling the world, tracing their family tree and paying off all their debt.

Other keen interests for those over the age of 50 include going on a cruise, taking up a new hobby, learning a new language, riding in a hot air balloon, moving to the countryside, publishing a novel, meeting their life partner, quitting smoking, living abroad and learning to play a musical instrument.

“There’s plenty still on the bucket list as people reach their 50s and beyond and as they start meet more of these life goals, happiness really does increase with age. Life is unpredictable and whilst there are lots of barriers that get in the way, it’s really important to not to agonise over our regrets or put off until tomorrow those things that we’d like to achieve today,” director at Co-op Funeralcare David Collingwood said.

If this is your target market, you might want to have a look at your advertising and other communications to see if they tap into these aspirations. If not, you might well be missing a trick.