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Exploring Point-Of-Sales materials in different scenarios to see the impact it has on purchase intentions.

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The Challenge
As the leading on-trade larger brand in Ireland, Heineken’s presence in bars and pubs across the country is ubiquitous. However, in an ever crowded market, Heineken wished to understand how and to what extent point-of-sale material could affect the purchasing decision of consumers in a range of environments.

Research Approach
With the aid of Vision One’s Advanced Research Unit, an innovative approach was developed that utilised bespoke customer journey video scenarios, supported with eye-tracking technology. A number of films were created using different branding approaches with a range of point-of-sales materials. This was supported with still images of different branding scenarios. Respondents were exposed to a single branded route with eye-tracking to record what was fixated upon. Eye tracking data was supplemented with a quantitative survey to understand how purchase decisions could be influenced by the volume, type and positioning of sales material in situ.

Research Findings
The research analysis revealed the unique relationship between point-of-sale branding and choice of the first drink. The findings showed how the optimal placement, and the type, of point-of-sale material can influence sales of a brand. The results also showed what types of point of-sale material performed the strongest in single, mixed and competitor branded pubs and bars.

The findings of this study have allowed Heineken to change their strategic support of the on-trade business in Ireland. They were able to prioritise POS which research shows will provide the highest ROI and support the growth of their managed brands.

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