As one of the UK’s leading specialist insight agencies, Vision One have been selected by Nicholas Anthony as a research partner for an important branding study, helping them understand their customers perceptions and experiences.

Our work will be taking place throughout August 2019, talking to customers to capture their opinions and experiences throughout their journey with Nicholas Anthony.

Vision One are MRS Company Partners and abide by the MRS Code Of Conduct ensuring that all respondents responses are confidential and anonymised. We also abide by GDPR and Data Protection Act when receiving information from the customers and we never pass these on to any third party. If you would like to confirm that we are a bona fide company, you can ring the MRS to check the validity by calling 0800 975 9596 or checking the supplier list here.

If you have any questions about this regarding Nicholas Anthony, you can contact Gareth Anthony, Head of Marketing to validate the research on +44 (0) 792 713 3065.

For any queries for Vision One about this project and if you would like to take part please contact Eric Barron on 0151 945 0150 or email