On the 16th and 17th of November 2021, Vision One attended the B2B Marketing Expo for the first time. The two-day event was held in the London ExCel Centre, with thousands in attendance alongside hundreds of exhibitors and speakers from the UK and internationally. It felt amazing to be back in a natural face-to-face setting.


The Wisdom of the Crowds

This year we decided to try something different at the exhibition to stand out and grab everyone’s attention, and it worked!

We took what appeared to be a straightforward game. The simple premise was that everyone visiting our stand would guess the number of jelly beans in a jar (shown opposite). However, this game was a scientific study designed to test an essential theory that many in business are perhaps unaware of.

The theory, otherwise known as ‘The Wisdom of the Crowds‘, is a book with the same title was written by James Surowiecki – (Read our book review here) which put forward the idea that large groups of people are more intelligent than the elite few. This is more than a theory – it’s a FACT! Indeed, evidence suggests that market research that captures the many’s views is superior to any expert or consultant.  

In short, the results of our small-scale study incredibly confirmed the power of “the Crowd”. The average of all guesses was only 30 (1.5%) away from the correct number and more accurate than any single guess!

Theory Of The Crowd At Vision One

Congratulations to the four winners (who each won
a Red Letter Day voucher) for being closest

Here are the numbers from the event:

2141T otal Beans
13000 Highest Guess
2000 Closest Guess
130 Lowest Guess


The Secrets of Brand Success

Brand Growth Study Vision One

This year we held a seminar hosted by Managing Director Tony Lewis titled “The Secrets to Brand Success“. The paper was extremely well received and highlighted new insights from research into the factors and drivers of Brand Growth. Earlier this year, Vision One conducted a large-scale survey into business performance to understand the differences between growing and declining brands. On the back of this study, we created a short report summarising how companies of any shape or size can build their business by following four simple ideas. We call these the 4 D’s – which represent; Dynamic, Discoverable, Distinctive and Desirable.

The audience was captivated by the results, and the appetite for new and actionable insights was clear to see. So watch this space for more impactful insights! Due to popular demand, we are now creating a webinar on the topic to publish in early Spring 2022.

Download the Brand Growth Study here:

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