We have relaunched our consumer panel under a new name with new features and benefits. ‘The Lounge’ is our exciting new online community and replaces You-Say with new improved rewards and benefits for members, along with a strong environmental focus too.

The Lounge is where people can sign up, sit back and relax as they take part in Online Research from the comfort of their own homes. The introduction of tree-planting is a result of our commitment to the environment and our Net Zero Pledge and we have been busy working away in the background to develop and extend our sustainability philosophy across all elements of our business.

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The Lounge Benefits

The Lounge offers a range of new features and benefits for people wanting to take part in research. We conduct a wide range of research studies from online focus groups to large international surveys, from eye-tracking to product testing or even ethnography and video diaries and vox pops. All our research is paid in cash rather than vouchers and can be sent directly to the account of your choice.

In addition to paying you for each task or survey you complete, at The Lounge you will also automatically be entered into a free prize draws. You simply need to be an active member (e.g. taken part in a survey in the last 3 months) or a focus group. Cash prizes start from £25, so make sure you regularly take part in our surveys to increase the chances of winning.

We are also developing a leader board which will be live on our website where your name will appear if you are one of our top members. Top members will be short-listed for our annual awards.

It doesn’t end there. We are committed to the environment and for The Lounge members, we will plant a tree for every focus group they attend and a tree for every 100 responses they give in our survey research. For all members who complete 50 surveys, we will also send them out a certificate to confirm a tree has been planted in their name. All of these features and benefits have been added without reducing incentives or benefits for our members who make our job possible.

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If this sounds like something, you want to find out more information about The Lounge you can read up on it below. Alternatively, you can sign up and start taking part in surveys right away!

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